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The NEAR Protocol has been Optimized for Disruptive Developers

The NEAR Protocol has been Optimized

The NEAR Protocol has consistently supported its user and developer communities and empowered its members to produce lasting, important initiatives for everyone. Projects like Few and Far have offered a community-first experience that reimagines creativity and community in the read-write-own era of the internet. Continuously focusing its efforts on developing its platform for developers, NEAR promotes community-owned projects.

The NEAR Protocol has been Optimized for Disruptive Developers

The NEAR Protocol has become a major player in the decentralized applications market thanks to the importance it attaches to disruptive developers. As a result, there are now more options for what can be done on the platform, which further differentiates NEAR from its competitors. 

NEAR’s emphasis on streamlining the development experience compared to other blockchain protocols is one of the biggest differences from the others. Differences in programming languages and development methodologies can be significant entry barriers for Web2 engineers trying to start their careers on Web3. In order for the next generation of Web3 applications to challenge Web2 institutions, the development process must be open to everyone.

The NEAR Protocol’s Relationship with Programming Languages

Since NEAR is created by developers for developers, it makes it easy to create Web3 for the public. Building on top of NEAR has created an environment where developers can focus less on syntax and more on their products, thanks to open documentation and a large collection of developer tools. 

Most importantly, NEAR allows programmers to create projects in their favourite languages. For example, the protocol provided Web2 developers with a more comfortable coding environment by adding support for JavaScript-based smart contracts. Alternatively, it also allows you to create smart contracts using Rust, a high-performance programming language that the developers at Stack Overflow have chosen as their favourite.

As a result, the protocol has developed an ecosystem of disruptive Web3 initiatives that seek to directly address Web3 by improving the developer experience and helping those who want to build on NEAR.


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