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SPACE ID Introduces a New Function

A new function of SPACE ID has been released.

SPACE ID Introduces a New Function

The decentralized domain name service protocol SPACE ID has revealed a new feature that will let sellers sell domain names at a bespoke price they choose rather than only the price that buyers have previously offered.

SPACE ID Introduces a New Function

The announcement of SPACE ID’s new functionality was made in a tweet from SPACE ID’s official Twitter account.

Users can now sell domains depending on the price desired, as opposed to the pricing provided by buyers.

What is WEB3 Domain?

Access to dApps, smart contracts, NFTs, and other blockchain-based services can be made possible by Web3 domains, which include human-readable names like pintu.eth and pintuacademy.eth on the Ethereum network.

The Web3 domain name is tradeable. However, it is non-tradeable. Users may create, buy, and keep SPACE IDs all in one place. To buy and sell domain names, users must go to a different marketplace than the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).


Based on the Ethereum, BSC, and Arbitrum blockchains, SPACE ID is a decentralized worldwide name service network. Users can register, exchange, and manage domain names with a cryptographic foundation using this platform’s additional Web3 domain and identity management features. SPACE ID is, in short, a marketplace that focuses on the sale of name services.

Along with identities for individuals, SPACE ID also provides Web3 names for cross-blockchain developers’ SDK and API. Its objective is to make the integration of web3 domains into a variety of applications simpler.

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