CDS Crypto News Become a Prom DAO Delegate & Share 1,000,000 $PROM As Voting Power
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Become a Prom DAO Delegate & Share 1,000,000 $PROM As Voting Power

Become a Prom DAO Delegate & Share 1,000,000 $PROM As Voting Power


Participants in the Delegate Campaign will be allocated $PROM tokens as a form of voting power within Prom DAO. Please note, that these tokens are delegated, meaning these tokens cannot be used for withdrawal, transfer, or external use. The delegated tokens are specifically distributed for voting purposes within the Prom DAO ecosystem. However, by actively using these tokens for voting, participants will earn 100% of the possible rewards generated from the delegated tokens. By participating in the campaign, you accept these conditions regarding token delegation and reward distribution.

Become a Prom DAO Delegate & Share 1,000,000 $PROM As Voting Power

In the previous article, we covered all the basics that you need to know about Prom DAO. If, while reading the block about the structure, you had a question, “Delegates, cool, how do I become one?” you’re just on time.

From March 28, you will be able to participate in the Delegate Campaign and split a grand amount of 1,000,000 $PROM, in a form of delegated tokens, that can be used only for voting in Prom DAO. The campaign will run till the end of the Prom’s testnet.

But first, let’s go through all the details.

Once Again: Who Are Delegates?

Prom DAO will have three key roles: members, validators, and delegates. A delegate role is similar to an elected representative who got the voting power from another $PROM holder. In short, delegates get a part of tokens from other $PROM holders or Prom for their active participation in the life of the ecosystem and, consequently, get more voting power in Prom DAO.

To foster the initial DAO activity, Prom will delegate 1,000,000 $PROM tokens for 10,000 campaign leaders. After the mainnet and DAO launch, Delegate Campaign participants would be able to use the delegated tokens as a voting power and get rewarded for their contribution to the development of the network.

10,000 delegates defined through participation in the campaign, will share 30% of the total future network commissions.

Got it! What stands behind the “Delegate Campaign”?

The first wave of Prom DAO delegates would be formed through a Delegate Campaign, carried out on Prom’s testnet in the form of on-chain & off-chain activities.

During the campaign, all participants would be offered to complete the tasks and earn Activity Points. Each task corresponds to a certain number of points. The more points you collect during the campaign, the more $PROM tokens you get into delegation.

The tasks are divided into two groups: main tasks and additional achievements.

You can collect campaign points for completing tasks from the main list, but enhance your results by collecting different achievements.

Each achievement is tied to an NFT: after you complete a corresponding task from the achievement list, you get a WL for minting one. A number of achievements corresponds with a special multiplier; the more achievements you get, the bigger the multiplier works on the overall amount of points.

For example, you got 100 points by completing on-chain tasks from the main list, collected 5 different achievements, and got a 1,3 multiplier. Your overall amount is 100 x 1,3 = 130 points.

Get acquainted with the list of tasks and achievements below:

Main Tasks

Become a Prom DAO Delegate & Share 1,000,000 $PROM As Voting Power
Become a Prom DAO Delegate & Share 1,000,000 $PROM As Voting Power 1


  1. The Black Bird: Follow us on Twitter, Like and Repost
  2. Paper Plane: Dive into the flow of our Telegram group.
  3. Discord Devotee: Lead the way in our Discord by joining and completing verification.
  4. Social Guru: Ignite conversations across TG, Discord, and Twitter.
  5. Info Insider: Sail smoothly through our updates by subscribing to the announcement channel.
  6. Contract Pioneer: Dive into the basics by deploying your first smart contract.
  7. Squad Scout: Grow our community: invite 3 friends to Discord and 1 to Zealy
  8. Game Enthusiast: Jump into the fun by participating in The Prom Game.
  9. Digital Creator: Create digital art by minting your first NFT.
  10. NFT Degen: Made at least one purchase or sale on the NFT Marketplace.
  11. Market Maverick: Seal your first buy or sell trade on
  12. Liquidity Patron: Fuel the trading engine on by contributing liquidity.
  13. Meme Guru: Dive into Meme culture by interacting with
  14. Catch them all: Amass a collection of every achievement.
Note: all the social platforms related tasks would be checked via Prom’s official Zealy space.

Number of Achievements

Points Multiplier

Become a Prom DAO Delegate & Share 1,000,000 $PROM As Voting Power
Become a Prom DAO Delegate & Share 1,000,000 $PROM As Voting Power 2

Okay, How Do I Participate and Track Progress?

The Delegate Campaign will be officially launched on March 28.

You can already access Prom’s testnet by using the link. All the magic of the Delegate Campaign would also happen there: we will launch a special automated dashboard with all the tasks once the campaign is on.

You would be able to track your progress in real time and enter all the dApps needed to complete the tasks.

How Do I Receive the Delegated Tokens?

Upon the successful conclusion of the Delegate Campaign, native $PROM will be delegated to participants on Prom zkEVM, enabling them to actively take part in the governance of Prom DAO through voting.

Please be aware that failure to participate in community voting could lead to the retrieval of your delegated stake without prior notice.

This measure ensures the vitality and effectiveness of the Prom DAO’s decision-making process, emphasizing the importance of every delegate’s contribution to the community’s future.

Track our announcements to ensure you don’t miss the start of the campaign. We will notify our community once the campaign launches and provide any assistance you may need during the campaign.

Mark March 28 on your calendars, and let the campaign start!

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