CDS Crypto News November 14 Crypto Prices Show a Slight Decline in the Market
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November 14 Crypto Prices Show a Slight Decline in the Market

With the majority of the main cryptocurrencies rising before the important economic data, November 14 crypto prices were stable.

November 14 Crypto Prices Show a Slight Decline in the Market

Crypto News – The little downward movement in the prices of cryptocurrencies today indicates that investors appear to have moved their emphasis away from the digital asset market on Tuesday, November 14. After a bullish run over the previous three weeks, the market was again in the negative.

November 14 Crypto Prices Show a Slight Decline in the Market

On Tuesday, November 14, the drops in the major cryptocurrency values also caused a dip in the market as a whole. The value of the global market cap was down 1.38% to $1.4 trillion at the time of writing, but its volume had increased 26.08% to $61.35 billion in the last 24 hours. At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency market’s fear and greed index stood at 75, indicating a mood of “greed” among investors.

Pepe Coin Price Experienced a Slight Increase of 0.34%

Due to the popular meme coin’s recent surge to the north, investors have continued to keep a watch on the Pepe Coin this week. As of this writing, the Pepe coin’s trading volume had climbed by 53.61% to $198.21 million, while its price had increased by 0.34% to $0.000001187.

Bitget Token Price Surge Promotes It to Top Earners of the Day

As of writing, the Bitget Token price was up 12.01% to $0.55, ranking it among the top gainers of the day. Furthermore, during the time of writing, the cryptocurrency’s market value increased by 12.10% to $769.96 million, while its trading volume increased by 39.13% to $31.72 million.

Frax Share Increased by More Than 30% in the Last Month

The Frax Share price was up 11.69% to $7.64 on November 14 and was among the top percentage gainers in today’s sessions. The crypto has gained traction from investors lately, as evidenced by a surge of over 32% in its price over the last 30 days. In addition, the trading volume of the crypto skyrocketed 241.74% to $135.16 million during writing. Thus, the token rose to 78th place in the CoinMarketCap volume rankings.

Maker Price Moves Upward

Market participants took notice of the Maker price, which was up 7.79% and trading at $1,407.23 at the time of writing. Its price increased by almost 9.40% over the previous week, while its trading volume surged by 62.12% to $127.56 million at the time of writing.

November 14 Crypto Prices Show a Slight Decline in the Market
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