CDS Crypto News Meme Coins News: Top 3 Meme Coins Skyrocket 300x
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Meme Coins News: Top 3 Meme Coins Skyrocket 300x

Meme Coins News: Top 3 Meme Coins Skyrocket 300x

Meme Coins News: 3 Meme Coins Soar 300x Mid-Week

Crypto News- In the past 48 hours, meme coins have experienced a remarkable influx of investment, with some assets surging by over 300% today. The total market cap for meme coins has reached $69.7 billion, marking a 1.6% increase in the last 24 hours, while trading volume has surpassed $9.7 billion. As leading assets rebound, investors are optimistic about achieving new highs, despite the sideways trading observed in the broader cryptocurrency market.

Notably, meme coins on the Solana blockchain have seen the most significant inflows in the last 24 hours, with a 5.9% increase. Top assets have recorded gains up to 100x, contributing to the heightened performance this year. As crypto enthusiasts anticipate another meme coin frenzy reminiscent of the first quarter, here are the top assets that have skyrocketed over 300%.

Bird Dog on SOL (BIRDDOG)

Leading the pack, Bird Dog (BIRDDOG) has seen an impressive 430% rise today. This substantial growth in the last 24 hours has triggered a wider rally across similar assets in the crypto space. With daily volumes on the rise, BIRDDOG users are projecting even higher gains, citing favorable on-chain factors.

Over the past week, BIRDDOG has soared 336%, regaining lost ground, and is up 218% in the past 30 days. Currently trading at $0.00325, daily trading volumes have reached $2.3 million, highlighting the asset’s growing popularity and investor confidence.


Donald Trump-themed tokens are experiencing a surge following recent comments on the cryptocurrency industry and the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections. MAGA PEPE (MAGAPEPE) has climbed 314% today, driven by a significant increase in trading volumes. This asset joins a group of newly launched tokens with skyrocketing inflows as market sentiment towards meme coins turns positive. By combining the appeal of Trump and the popular meme coin PEPE, investors are hoping to ignite long-term growth.

Meme Coins News: Top 3 Meme Coins Skyrocket 300x

Baby Trump (BSC)

Another Trump-themed token, Baby Trump (BSC), has emerged as one of the top gainers today with a 170% increase. Although it hasn’t hit the 300% mark like the previous two assets, it has garnered significant attention with a 451% rise in the last seven days, sparking positive sentiment and renewed inflows.

Across the meme coin market, other tokens have also recorded inflows recently, contributing to a growing market cap. Market bulls are optimistic about a sustained bullish trend in meme coins, especially if the Federal Reserve decides to cut interest rates. The anticipation of such a move could further bolster the momentum in this highly speculative and volatile segment of the crypto market.

As the week progresses, investors are closely watching these top-performing meme coins, with hopes that the current rally will continue and set the stage for another remarkable phase in the meme coin phenomenon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Meme Coins?

Meme coins are cryptocurrencies inspired by internet jokes, memes, or popular culture phenomena. One of the most well-known examples is Dogecoin. These coins are often used for short-term speculative investments and can exhibit significant price volatility.

Why are Meme Coins So Popular?

The popularity of meme coins largely stems from social media influence and community support. Their low prices make them appealing to investors who hope to achieve large gains with small investments. Additionally, endorsements from celebrities like Elon Musk can significantly boost their popularity.

What is Bird Dog (BIRDDOG) and Why is it Rising?

Bird Dog (BIRDDOG) is a meme coin on the Solana blockchain that has recently surged by 430% in the last 24 hours. This growth is attributed to increasing trading volumes and positive on-chain factors. Investors believe BIRDDOG has the potential for further gains in the future.


MAGA PEPE is a Donald Trump-themed meme coin that has increased by 314% recently. This surge is linked to the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections and Trump’s comments on the cryptocurrency industry. MAGA PEPE combines the popularity of the PEPE meme coin with Trump’s influence, offering investors hope for long-term growth.

Why is Baby Trump (BSC) on the Rise?

Baby Trump (BSC) is another Trump-themed meme coin that has risen by 451% in the past seven days and 170% today. Although it hasn’t reached the 300% gains like the other top assets, investors are rallying for broader market gains, driven by positive sentiment and increasing trading volumes.

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Meme Coins News: Top 3 Meme Coins Skyrocket 300x

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