CDS Crypto News March 27th Crypto Report: Stories Beyond the Charts
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March 27th Crypto Report: Stories Beyond the Charts

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March 27th Crypto Report: Stories Beyond the Charts

Crypto News- In a groundbreaking move, three AI pioneers – SingularityNet,, and Ocean Protocol – are rumored to be in advanced talks regarding a token merger. Speculations swirl around the creation of an AltSignals (ASI) token, with whispers suggesting a valuation soaring to $7.5 billion.

March 27th Crypto Report: Stories Beyond the Charts

Sources close to the matter hint at an imminent announcement, potentially unfolding this Wednesday pending community green light, Bloomberg M&A divulged.

Under the envisioned Superintelligence Collective, helmed by SingularityNet’s visionary Ben Goertzel and chaired by’s Humayun Sheikh, the trio would maintain separate identities while synergizing efforts towards a unified vision.

Exploitation Hits NFT Game ‘Munchables’ for 63 Million Dollars in ETH

Shockwaves ripple through the crypto sphere as Munchables, an NFT game on Blast’s Ethereum layer 2 blockchain, falls victim to a staggering $63 million Ether (ETH) exploit. The blame points squarely at one of its own developers.

In a candid March 26th disclosure, Munchables confessed to the breach, scrambling to thwart the exploiter’s maneuvers and salvage what they can.

Blockchain sleuth ZachXBT uncovered the alleged attacker’s wallet brimming with a jaw-dropping 17,413 ETH, valued at $62.45 million on Blastscan. Speculation mounts as fingers point to a North Korean developer, cryptically known as “Werewolves0943,” hired by the Munchables team.

Solidity sage 0xQuit reveals a meticulously planned attack, orchestrated during a Lock contract upgrade pre-launch. Despite safeguards, the assailant maneuvered to siphon a colossal 1,000,000 ETH.

KuCoin Faces U.S. Charges for AML Violations

In a legal whirlwind, U.S. authorities hurl charges at crypto behemoth KuCoin and its founders, Chun Gan and Ke Tang, alleging unlawful money transmission and Bank Secrecy Act breaches.

Unveiled in a DOJ indictment, KuCoin stands accused of flouting Anti-Money Laundering protocols, purportedly aiding money laundering and terrorist financing endeavors.

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams condemns KuCoin’s alleged concealment of U.S. user activities, dubbing it a sprawling hub for cryptocurrency trades.

Despite the legal storm, KuCoin reassures users of asset safety, vowing to navigate the investigation’s intricacies with legal counsel at the helm.

“Rest assured, KuCoin is business as usual, safeguarding user assets amidst legal turbulence,” the exchange reassured on social media platform X, pledging transparency in the face of adversity.

March 27th Crypto Report: Stories Beyond the Charts

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