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EU Data Act May Prompt Crypto Innovation to Move Abroad

According to 21Shares'

EU Data Act May Prompt Crypto Innovation to Move Abroad

Crypto News- EU data act May prompt crypto: On January 28, the 21Shares, a provider of crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs), unveiled its eleventh “State of Crypto” report. The report delved into the impending regulatory changes and their repercussions on local crypto ecosystems. It highlighted the escalating competition among jurisdictions globally to attract talent and establish themselves as prominent hubs within the industry.

EU Data Act May Prompt Crypto Innovation to Move Abroad

Despite the evolving regulatory landscape, the report underscored that the crypto sphere remains vibrant and dynamic. However, it pointed out a growing trend of jurisdictional competition, particularly evident in regulatory initiatives set in motion throughout the preceding year, slated to manifest fully in 2024. Notably, the United States and the European Union emerged as pivotal players potentially at risk of losing their edge in the crypto domain.

The European Union, in particular, faces uncertainties regarding its position. While the Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation (MiCA) aims to streamline operations for centralized service providers, concerns arise due to the Data Act’s provision to deactivate smart contracts. Published on December 22, 2023, the EU’s Data Act seeks to facilitate data exchange within the European Economic Area. However, the inclusion of a clause to disable smart contracts has sparked apprehension and discontent within the crypto community. This “kill switch” for smart contracts has introduced a wave of uncertainty, casting a shadow over the EU’s regulatory approach in the crypto realm.

Crypto Innovation Threatened by EU Data Act’s Potential to Drive Development Away

The report also drew attention to the lack of regulatory clarity surrounding crypto assets in the United States, emphasizing that this uncertainty hampers the environment for projects to innovate.

As we move into 2024, a pivotal question arises: will regulators in the U.S., the largest market globally, finally offer the much-needed regulatory clarity that entrepreneurs and consumers have been eagerly awaiting?

However, there are positive developments on the horizon. The recent passage of the “Clarity for Payment Stablecoins Act” by U.S. regulators is anticipated to bring about a semblance of regulatory certainty for stablecoin issuers like Circle’s USDC, potentially benefiting consumers.

Moreover, the report highlighted that certain jurisdictions are better positioned to nurture industry innovation, such as Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom, in particular, has received positive feedback regarding the future of its regulatory framework for crypto assets. A significant majority of respondents expressed support, with 79% indicating they were “mostly supportive,” including 40% of crypto-native companies.

EU Data Act May Prompt Crypto Innovation to Move Abroad

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