CDS Crypto News Ethereum Whale Moves $50.3 Million in Ether Amidst Price Surge
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Ethereum Whale Moves $50.3 Million in Ether Amidst Price Surge

Ethereum Whale Moves $50.3 Million in Ether Amidst Price Surge

Ethereum Whale Consolidates $50.3 Million in Ether Amidst ETF Speculation

Ethereum whale recently withdrew 16,449 Ether valued at approximately $50.3 million from Binance amidst Ether’s rebound to over $3,000. This move, tracked by onchain data provider Spot On Chain, marks their first significant accumulation of Ether, consolidating the entire amount into a new wallet.

Timing and Implications

The timing of this withdrawal is particularly noteworthy, coinciding with the imminent launch of spot Ether exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States. Spot On Chain speculates whether this substantial transfer could signal bullish sentiment for Ethereum, anticipating increased institutional interest and investment in the cryptocurrency.

Ether’s Market Movement

Ether’s price surged by 10.11% to $3,113 on July 9, following a recent low of about $2,830. This uptick aligns with CoinShares’ weekly report indicating $10.2 million inflows into Ether-linked investment funds by July 5.

ETF Developments

Asset management firms VanEck and 21Shares have revised their S-1 registrations with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 8, aiming to expedite the approval and subsequent listing of spot Ether ETFs. While launch dates remain unspecified, filings suggest readiness to proceed promptly post-registration.

Invesco and Galaxy have also entered the fray, proposing a 0.25% management fee for their Invesco Galaxy Ethereum ETF in a recent filing. This competitive activity underscores the growing anticipation surrounding Ether ETFs following SEC approval in May.


The withdrawal by the Ethereum whale amid market recovery and ETF anticipation underscores a pivotal moment for Ether. As regulatory pathways clear and institutional interest intensifies, the cryptocurrency’s price movements and institutional product launches are set to play crucial roles in shaping its future trajectory.

FAQs about Ethereum Whale’s $50.3 Million Withdrawal and ETF Expectations

What prompted the Ethereum whale to withdraw $50.3 million worth of Ether from Binance?

The withdrawal coincided with Ethereum’s price rebounding over $3,000 and ahead of anticipated spot Ether ETF launches in the US. This suggests strategic positioning amidst growing institutional interest.

How significant is this withdrawal in the context of Ethereum’s market dynamics?

It marks the whale’s first major accumulation of Ether, indicating confidence in Ethereum’s potential ahead of regulatory advancements and institutional product launches.

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Ethereum Whale Moves $50.3 Million in Ether Amidst Price Surge

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