CDS Crypto News Ethereum News – Ethereum Announces Inaugural $2M Protocol-wide ‘Attackathon’
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Ethereum News – Ethereum Announces Inaugural $2M Protocol-wide ‘Attackathon’

Ethereum News - Ethereum Announces Inaugural $2M Protocol-wide 'Attackathon'

Ethereum News – Ethereum Unveils $2M Protocol-wide ‘Attackathon’ Initiative

Ethereum News – Ethereum is gearing up to launch its inaugural hackathon, dubbed the “Attackathon,” with a substantial $2 million reward pool aimed at conducting the most extensive crowdsourced security audit of its blockchain’s codebase to date.

Overview of Ethereum’s Four-Week ‘Attackathon’ and Competition Rules

Scheduled by the Ethereum Protocol Security (EPS) research team, the four-week “Attackathon” will engage security researchers in actively seeking vulnerabilities within the protocol’s code. As outlined in a July 8 blog post, participants will adhere to specific competition rules, with rewards exclusively granted for impactful and compliant vulnerability reports.

The Ethereum Attackathon: A Comprehensive Dive into Codebase Security

The Ethereum Attackathon begins with a detailed technical walkthrough of the Ethereum codebase, providing participants with extensive knowledge and tools to effectively identify and understand potential vulnerabilities. This foundational step ensures that participants are well-equipped to conduct thorough security audits, contributing to the overall enhancement of Ethereum’s blockchain security. By fostering a collaborative environment focused on proactive vulnerability detection, Ethereum reinforces its commitment to maintaining a secure and resilient platform for its global community of developers and users.

Post ‘Attackathon’ Consolidation: Immunefi’s Role in Reporting Vulnerabilities and Prize Pool Contribution

Following the conclusion of the “Attackathon,” Immunefi, the bug bounty platform hosting the event, will consolidate findings into a detailed report highlighting discovered vulnerabilities. Immunefi has contributed $500,000 to the prize pool and aims to secure an additional $1.5 million from sponsors by August 1, when further event details will be disclosed.

Looking ahead, the EPS team plans to organize similar hackathons coinciding with every major codebase update during Ethereum’s hard forks.

Upcoming Ethereum Update ‘Pectra’: Introducing Social Recovery and Enhanced User Security

One such upcoming update, “Pectra,” combining the “Prague” and “Electra” upgrades, is slated for implementation later in 2024 or early 2025. Noteworthy enhancements include a “social recovery” feature designed to potentially eliminate the need for users to retain lengthy private wallet keys, replacing them with smart contract-like functionalities.

Hackathons and Bug Bounties in Crypto: Incentivizing Ethical Security Practices

Hackathons are commonplace in the tech industry, with crypto communities witnessing numerous blockchain-related hacking events. Projects frequently offer bug bounties to incentivize ethical disclosure of security exploits, a strategy well-reflected in Immunefi’s bounty offerings, which range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The largest bounty, offered by LayerZero, currently stands at an impressive $15 million.

Ethereum’s Commitment to Enhanced Blockchain Security: Embracing Collaboration and Technological Advancements

Ethereum’s proactive stance towards enhancing blockchain security highlights its dedication to fostering a robust ecosystem through collaborative community efforts and strategic advancements in blockchain technology. By engaging in initiatives like hackathons and bug bounties, Ethereum not only encourages ethical security practices but also drives innovation in safeguarding its platform against emerging threats. This approach reinforces Ethereum’s position as a leader in blockchain security, continually evolving to meet the challenges of a dynamic digital landscape.


What is Ethereum’s “Attackathon”?

Ethereum’s “Attackathon” is a security-focused hackathon aimed at conducting a comprehensive audit of its blockchain’s codebase. It involves security researchers actively searching for vulnerabilities within Ethereum’s protocol.

How much is the reward pool for Ethereum’s “Attackathon”?

The reward pool for Ethereum’s “Attackathon” is set at $2 million.

Who is hosting Ethereum’s “Attackathon”?

The “Attackathon” is hosted by Immunefi, a bug bounty platform specializing in crypto projects.

What is the goal of Ethereum’s “Attackathon”?

The primary goal of Ethereum’s “Attackathon” is to identify and address vulnerabilities in the protocol’s code to enhance overall security.

How can participants prepare for Ethereum’s “Attackathon”?

Participants are encouraged to engage in a technical walkthrough of Ethereum’s codebase before the “Attackathon” begins, ensuring they are well-prepared to contribute effectively to the security audit.

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Ethereum News - Ethereum Announces Inaugural $2M Protocol-wide 'Attackathon'

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