CDS Crypto News Epic Games to Feature Crypto Game ‘Shrapnel’ Inspired by Call of Duty
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Epic Games to Feature Crypto Game ‘Shrapnel’ Inspired by Call of Duty

“Shrapnel” joins other high-profile early releases of blockchain games on the Epic Games Store including “Illuvium” and “Star Atlas.”

Epic Games to Feature Crypto Game 'Shrapnel' Inspired by Call of Duty

Crypto News– The competition among major-budget web3 video games, all vying to become the first to break into the mainstream, appears to be heating up with the debut of the Call of Duty-style crypto game “Shrapnel” on the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games to Feature Crypto Game ‘Shrapnel’ Inspired by Call of Duty

Epic Games Store, boasting a sizable PC user base exceeding 230 million gamers, will now host “Shrapnel” alongside other notable blockchain-powered titles like “Star Atlas” and “Illuvium,” all of which are currently available in “early-access” form. This classification allows developers to release initial versions of their games, fostering community engagement while refining the gaming experience.

Developed by Neon Machine, “Shrapnel” is set in a dystopian world and is dubbed as an “AAA first-person extraction shooter.” The team comprises industry veterans from companies such as Xbox and Electronic Arts, adding credibility to the project.

Empowering Crypto Gamers: Taking the Wheel

As the game progresses, Neon Machine is confident that players will eagerly embrace the opportunity to customize every aspect of their gaming experience, including characters, weapons, and in-game maps.”

“Our approach to early access gameplay puts players squarely in control, allowing us to navigate toward delivering a top-tier AAA first-person shooter game,” remarked Mark Long, CEO of “Shrapnel,” who previously led HBO’s digital products group.

Despite the absence of a blockchain game making significant headway into mainstream gaming, a market valued in the billions annually, Neon Machine remains optimistic about the strong initial interest in “Shrapnel,” especially considering its developmental stage. The company boasts a thriving online community on Discord, boasting over 100,000 members.

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