CDS Crypto News Bitcoin’s Remarkable Record: 99.92% of Days End in Profit
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Bitcoin’s Remarkable Record: 99.92% of Days End in Profit

Out of the last 3,732 tradable days, only six days—specifically between March 9-13 and March 25-29—show a loss on Bitcoin purchases, accounting for just 0.16% of the total days analyzed.

Bitcoin's Remarkable Record: 99.92% of Days End in Profit

Crypto News- Bitcoin enthusiasts have had reason to celebrate, with a staggering 99.92% success rate in maintaining profitable portfolios since its inception over 14 years ago. Despite occasional dips, such as the recent $66,245 downturn, the overall trajectory has been remarkably positive. Even amidst market fluctuations, the recent peak of $73,600 in mid-March reaffirmed the faith of BTC holders, who have witnessed consistent appreciation in their investments.

Bitcoin’s Remarkable Record: 99.92% of Days End in Profit

However, not all periods have been equally lucrative. Recent data from reveals that Bitcoin purchased during specific intervals in March is currently at a loss. This represents a mere 0.16% of the approximately 3,732 tradable days, highlighting the resilience of Bitcoin as an investment vehicle.

Bitcoin’s Role in Bear Markets: Resilience for Investors and Strength for the Mining Community

The significance of holding Bitcoin, particularly during bear markets, is underscored by its historical performance. A vast majority of Bitcoin wallets, estimated at 86.28%, hold relatively modest amounts, signaling widespread participation across various income brackets. Such resilience not only benefits investors but also bolsters the mining community, contributing to the robustness of the Bitcoin network.

As anticipation builds for the upcoming Bitcoin halving event scheduled for April 20, 2024, both institutional and private investors are gearing up for potential price surges. Despite the impending reduction in mining rewards, exemplified by Bitfarms’ substantial investment in upgrading mining equipment, optimism remains high. Bitfarms’ CFO, Jeffrey Lucas, believes that the fleet upgrade will significantly enhance their operational capacity and efficiency, positioning them favorably post-halving.

Bitcoin's Remarkable Record: 99.92% of Days End in Profit

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