CDS Crypto News Breaking: Bitcoin Price Soars Above 70,000 Dollars – Here’s What’s Happening in the Crypto Space
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Breaking: Bitcoin Price Soars Above 70,000 Dollars – Here’s What’s Happening in the Crypto Space

Bitcoin bulls swiftly pursue price discovery following the record-setting weekly close.

Breaking: Bitcoin Price Soars Above 70,000 Dollars - Here's What's Happening in the Crypto Space

Crypto News- Bitcoin Price Soars Above 70,000 Dollars: Bitcoin’s rollercoaster ride continues as it kicks off a new week, surpassing $71,776 and setting fresh all-time highs amidst ongoing price volatility. Despite achieving its highest-ever weekly close, Bitcoin bulls are encountering staunch resistance in their quest for further gains.

As the battle for price discovery intensifies, Bitcoin finds itself in a familiar state of uncertainty, with selling pressure at psychological price levels countered by relentless buying from spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The question on everyone’s mind: which side will prevail this week?

Breaking: Bitcoin Price Soars Above 70,000 Dollars – Here’s What’s Happening in the Crypto Space

ETF buying has emerged as a significant force, catching many off guard with its impact on the market. Even seasoned bulls are reconsidering their long-term outlook, with some now viewing $1 million as a conservative target. However, others caution that the current bull run could lead to a macro BTC price peak sooner than expected.

Meanwhile, attention turns to upcoming United States macroeconomic data, which is poised to influence the Federal Reserve’s impending decision on interest rates. Against this backdrop, Bitcoin miners are wasting no time in securing profits ahead of April’s block subsidy halving.

Record weekly highs precede BTC price discovery

Bitcoin witnessed historic volatility leading up to the March 10 weekly close, briefly touching $69,000 before experiencing a rapid downturn. However, a subsequent relief bounce propelled Bitcoin to new all-time highs during the March 11 Asia trading session. The battle between buyers and sellers remains intense, with key price levels serving as battlegrounds for market sentiment.

Investor Jitters as CPI Week Approaches, Fed Rate Cut Bets Stay Muted

The release of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for February on March 12 promises to inject volatility into the market. Market participants await clues about inflation and the Federal Reserve’s future monetary policy stance. Despite expectations of interest rate cuts, the odds of a surprise rate cut at the upcoming Fed meeting remain low.

Growing Influence: Expansion of ETF Bitcoin Buyers Spurs Market Attention

The influence of spot ETFs on Bitcoin’s price trajectory continues to grow, with optimism among institutional investors outweighing any reservations. Industry experts anticipate further adoption of Bitcoin by major financial institutions, which could fuel price appreciation in the coming months.

Puell Multiple Approaches Multi-Year High as Miner Outflows Surge

Bitcoin’s recent surge to new all-time highs ahead of its halving has caught many off guard, including miners. Despite facing reduced block rewards, miners have significantly increased their selling activity. The Puell Multiple, a key indicator of market tops and bottoms, is nearing multi-year highs, signaling potential overheating in the market.

Hodlers Stand Firm: Resisting the Urge to Sell Amidst Market Fluctuations

Long-term Bitcoin holders are holding firm despite the ongoing price rally, with transfer volumes remaining subdued compared to previous peaks. The net unrealized profit/loss (NUPL) for long-term holders suggests that we may not have reached a blow-off top yet, indicating further upside potential for Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin continues to chart its course through these turbulent times, investors are preparing for a rollercoaster ride of heightened volatility and the potential for significant price discovery in the days ahead.

The cryptocurrency market, particularly Bitcoin, has always been known for its wild price swings, and the current landscape is no exception. With each passing day, the market seems to teeter between euphoria and apprehension, as investors eagerly anticipate the next move in this high-stakes game.

At the heart of this volatility is the ongoing battle between bullish and bearish forces. On one hand, we have the bulls, who remain steadfast in their belief in Bitcoin’s long-term potential. They see each dip as a buying opportunity and are eager to push the price higher. On the other hand, the bears are equally determined to capitalize on any weakness in the market, driving prices lower in their quest for profit.

Breaking: Bitcoin Price Soars Above 70,000 Dollars - Here's What's Happening in the Crypto Space

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