CDS Crypto News Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drop ‘Comparable to FTX Collapse,’ Says CryptoQuant
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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drop ‘Comparable to FTX Collapse,’ Says CryptoQuant

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drop 'Comparable to FTX Collapse,' Says CryptoQuant

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reduction ‘Comparable to FTX Collapse,’ Reports CryptoQuant

Bitcoin Mining – On June 5, 2024, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty experienced a significant 7.8% decline, marking its lowest point since the April halving event. This adjustment represents the most substantial drop since the collapse of FTX, a prominent crypto exchange, in 2022.

According to analysts, this decline has severely impacted miners’ daily revenues, plummeting from a robust $78 million before the halving to just $26 million currently. The reduced difficulty level is expected to benefit smaller miners, potentially leading to increased profitability for mining farms across the globe.

“This adjustment brings mining difficulty back to levels not seen since the pre-halving era,” noted one industry expert, highlighting the potential for enhanced profitability amidst the current market conditions.

Bitcoin’s mining difficulty serves as a crucial metric for the network’s health and stability, influencing both miner profitability and the overall security of the blockchain. As the industry adapts to these changes, stakeholders are closely monitoring how these adjustments will impact the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops 7.8% Since March, Boosting Miner Profitability

Bitcoin miners could soon see improved profitability as mining difficulty dropped by 7.8% over the weekend, marking a significant decline since March levels. Data from Coinwarz reveals that Bitcoin’s mining difficulty fell from 83.6 terahash per second (TH/s) to 79.50 TH/s on June 5, just before the halving event in April.

Mining difficulty, adjusted biweekly, regulates block generation speed, ensuring miners operate within optimal parameters. This recent drop, described as one of the largest since the 2022 FTX collapse, has impacted miner profitability. According to CryptoQuant’s head of research, Julio Moreno, miners’ daily revenues have dwindled from $78 million pre-halving to $26 million.

Bitcoin Network Hashrate Drops 7.8% in Response to Reduced Profitability Since May

“The network hashrate saw a 7.8% drawdown, similar to post-FTX collapse levels in December 2022,” Moreno noted in a message to CoinDesk. “This decline in mining difficulty reflects lower network hashrate as miners responded to reduced profitability by powering down equipment since early May.”

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drop 'Comparable to FTX Collapse,' Says CryptoQuant

Decreasing mining difficulty typically reduces the network’s hashing power, potentially favoring smaller miners and increasing profits for previously unviable operations. Miners, who solve complex encryptions to validate Bitcoin transactions, receive rewards of 6.25 BTC per block, often selling these to fund operations.

Bitcoin June Sell-Off: Miners Liquidate $1 Billion Amid Price Volatility

June witnessed significant selling pressure on Bitcoin, exacerbated by miners liquidating over $1 billion in BTC as prices fluctuated between $65,000 and $70,000. Additional market turmoil stemmed from the liquidation of assets by defunct Mt. Gox and a German government entity, briefly dropping BTC to $53,500 last week.

Looking ahead, analysts predict a further decline in hashrate and difficulty during North American summer months, potentially easing competition and benefiting miners amidst ongoing profitability challenges following the halving event.

At current price levels, profitability remains constrained for all but the most efficient mining operations, suggesting a possible stabilization point (“local bottom”) for BTC.


What is Bitcoin mining difficulty and why is it important?

Bitcoin mining difficulty is a parameter that regulates the speed at which blocks are mined on the Bitcoin network. It ensures that miners operate within optimal conditions, maintaining the network’s security and stability.

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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drop 'Comparable to FTX Collapse,' Says CryptoQuant

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