CDS Crypto News Binance Launchpool Unveils Xai (XAI) on Arbitrum
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Binance Launchpool Unveils Xai (XAI) on Arbitrum

Binance Launchpool Unveils Xai (XAI) on Arbitrum

Binance Launchpool Unveils Xai (XAI) on Arbitrum

Crypto NewsBinance, its prestigious Launchpad platform, has announced the debut of its 43rd innovative project, introducing Xai (XAI), a groundbreaking gaming blockchain developed atop the Arbitrum framework. This new addition to the Binance Launchpool ecosystem allows participants to invest their BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD into specialized pools, fostering the growth of XAI tokens over a four-day period.

Significantly, Binance Launchpad has accelerated its pace, launching projects in quick succession. Following the introduction of NFPrompt (NFP) as the 41st project, the platform is currently engaged in the staking phase for Sleepless AI (AI) as the 42nd project, while simultaneously gearing up for another imminent release. Notably, the latest couple of projects have centered around the Artificial Intelligence theme, reflecting its burgeoning market dominance with an impressive 11.3% share, according to the latest data from CoinGecko.

Binance Launchpool Unveils Xai (XAI) on Arbitrum
Binance Launchpool Unveils Xai (XAI) on Arbitrum 1

The introduction of Xai (XAI) into the Binance Launchpool heralds an exciting new phase for users, enabling them to engage in XAI farming through staking mechanisms. Subsequent to the staking phase, Binance is set to list XAI on its trading platform at 10:00 (UTC) on January 9, 2024. This listing will provide a plethora of trading options for XAI, encompassing pairs like BTC, USDT, BNB, FDUSD, TUSD, and TRY. The XAI token will be distinguished as a Binance Launchpad offering through its unique Seed Tag.

XAI boasts a substantial total supply cap of 2.5 billion coins. The initial launch phase will witness the release of 7.5 million XAI tokens, representing 3% of the total token supply, dedicated to the Launchpool. Currently, there are 277,118,150 XAI tokens in circulation, equating to 11.08% of the total supply. The XAI token’s smart contract mandates KYC-verified staking.

The staking rules are meticulously defined, imposing a maximum hourly limit of 62,500 XAI for the BNB pool, and 7,812.5 XAI each for the FDUSD and TUSD pools. Approximately 24 hours post-launch, the respective websites for the BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD staking pools will be operational. The BNB pool offers an impressive 60,000,000 XAI, accounting for 80% of the total allocation, while the FDUSD and TUSD pools will each distribute 7,500,000 XAI, or 10% apiece. The XAI farming window is scheduled from January 5, 2024, 00:00 (UTC) to January 8, 2024, 23:59.

Through its ongoing series of project launches, Binance is substantially expanding the horizons of cryptocurrency opportunities. Participation in the Launchpool is subject to regional restrictions and requirements, with eligibility determined by the user’s country or region of residence. The list of excluded nations is dynamic and may evolve in response to local regulations and conventions.

To participate in Xai (XAI) staking, users are required to have verified accounts and reside in eligible jurisdictions. The introduction of XAI on the Binance Launchpool underscores Binance’s increasing influence and proactive engagement in the adoption of Layer 3 blockchain technologies, as it continues to explore and innovate within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystems.

Binance Launchpool’s relentless project rollouts are broadening the platform’s reach, offering users an ever-expanding array of cryptocurrency engagement opportunities. With its influential role in shaping decentralized financial and gaming applications, Binance is poised to offer more diverse and innovative options to its global user base.

Binance Launchpool Unveils Xai (XAI) on Arbitrum

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