CDS Crypto News Binance Introduces Bicasso, an AI-Powered NFT Generation Platform
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Binance Introduces Bicasso, an AI-Powered NFT Generation Platform

Binance Introduces Bicasso, an AI-Powered NFT Generation Platform

Since its launch, Binance has established itself as one of the top exchanges for trading cryptocurrencies. In an effort to take advantage of the rising demand for this technology, the exchange has jumped on the AI hype train. Accordingly, the successful exchange introduced Bicasso, an AI-powered NFT generator platform.

Binance Introduces Bicasso, an AI-Powered NFT Generation Platform

In recent years, a growing several artificial intelligence-powered image-generation services have appeared, allowing users to input a photograph and generate several images of the same person using different AI algorithms. Even before the ChatGPT hype, these websites that use artificial intelligence to create graphics were well-liked.

Recently, CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted that the exchange had launched a brand-new platform called Bicasso. The platform will generate an NFT profile picture for users as long as they upload photos.

About the AI-Powered NFT Generation Platform

The term “Bicasso” makes it clear “Binance” and “Picasso” are combined. CZ asserts that users may transform typical photographs into original AI creations by using a variety of expressions. In addition, the NFT generation platform’s beta version has a 10.000 mint cap.

Moreover, the free NFT can be generated from a photo that is uploaded of a person, an animal, or a landscape. Each user can currently only create one AI-powered NFT. However, in response to CZ’s tweet, a wave of users rushed to mint free NFTs, overwhelming the system with requests

The generation platform lets users submit an image for the tool to change, similar to how DALL-E and Midjourney allow users to enter a creative prompt to create a unique picture. Users can mint their photographs as NFTs on the exchange’s native BNB chain as a result.


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