CDS Crypto News Crypto News Today- Avail Blockchain Project Raises $43 Million in Series A Funding
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Crypto News Today- Avail Blockchain Project Raises $43 Million in Series A Funding

Crypto News Today- Avail Blockchain Project Raises $43 Million in Series A Funding

Avail Blockchain Project Hauls in $43 Million in Series A Investment

Crypto NewsBig news for the blockchain world! Avail, a project building a new kind of blockchain that spun off from Polygon last year, just secured a whopping $43 million in funding.

This investment round, called a Series A comes from some heavy hitters, including Peter Thiel‘s Founders Fund (known for backing big tech companies like Facebook). They’re not alone – other big names like Dragonfly and Cyber Fund also joined in.

This isn’t the first time Avail has attracted attention. Back in February, they raised $27 million, and it seems some of those same investors are back for more, doubling down on their belief in Avail. In total, Avail has now raised a cool $75 million to develop their project.

It’s all happening pretty fast – this latest round comes just three months after their previous funding. Avail is clearly moving quickly, and they’re not shy about raising big money to make it happen.

We don’t know exactly how much Avail is worth yet, but based on whispers in the industry, it seems to be in the hundreds of millions.

One thing’s for sure: Avail is a project to watch. With all this funding and big names backing them, they’re clearly onto something interesting in the world of blockchain technology.


What is Avail Blockchain Project?

Avail Blockchain Project is a company developing a new type of blockchain called a modular blockchain. A modular blockchain is designed to be more scalable, secure, and efficient than traditional blockchains. The Avail Blockchain Project is still in development, but it has already attracted significant investment from major venture capital firms.

What is Series A funding?

Series A funding is the first major round of funding that a startup company raises. It is typically used to finance the company’s growth and development plans. Startups that raise Series A funding are generally considered to be promising and have the potential to be successful.

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Avail Blockchain Project Raises $43 Million in Series A Funding

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