Using XRP Ledger Wallet Xumm International Cryptocurrency Payments are Now Possible

Frii is a digital loyalty and payment service based in the United Kingdom. The service recently announced a partnership with self-custody wallet Xumm. This partnership for XRP Ledger aims to provide both traders and consumers with a seamless, ready-to-use, and efficient international cryptocurrency payment solution.

Using XRP Ledger Wallet Xumm International Cryptocurrency Payments are Now Possible

The platform newly announced this collaboration in a tweet. According to the tweet, consumers and merchants around the world will be able to use this wallet to receive and make payments in cryptocurrency.

The most recent development happened just three weeks after Frii and Xumm partnered to launch the first Xumm cryptocurrency payment point of sale (POS) terminal. This product made its debut at a sandwich shop in the Netherlands named 36aWay. Customers can use any digital asset saved in their Xumm wallet to make payments using the cutting-edge Friipay POS terminal.

About Partnership

By eliminating the need for separate payment terminals for retailers, the Friipay service seeks to enable consumers and merchants to conduct cryptocurrency-based transactions. The strategic partnership between the two is evidence that the platform wants to develop this service further.


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