Polkadot and Beatport Announce Partnership

Beatport.io, a brand-new on-chain electronic music platform with a waiting list, will be created in partnership with Polkadot and Beatport. The platform intends to enable music lovers to discover digital treasures and strengthen their relationships with their favorite DJs and artists while also enabling artists, producers, and record companies to profit through Web3.

Polkadot and Beatport Announce Partnership

With ten events scheduled over the next 18 months, the two partners will also work on live event activations that highlight new NFT collections on the platform. On the other hand, with a platform of this size and scope, the protocol’s entry into the music and culture vertical marks a relatively low-key beginning to 2023. Toyota sponsored a hackathon that was held earlier this year on the Polkadot-based Astar Network platform. But, overall, the year has been rather quiet for corporate and cultural ties.

About Polkadot

A developing ecosystem of parachains, or customized blockchains, is brought together and secured by the protocol. Its apps and services enable secure cross-chain communication, laying the groundwork for a genuinely interoperable decentralized web.

About Beatport

With a database of more than 16 million tracks and a network of approximately 100,000 record labels, Beatport has been a mainstay of the DJ community for almost 20 years. Via streaming, plugins, sound packs, and other capabilities that are appropriate for the current web3 landscape, the platform engages the community.



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