Occam DAO and Velas Cooperation

Velas and Occam DAO announced that they will cooperate to improve the incubation procedures of projects built on the Velas blockchain. This collaboration which will foster innovative entrepreneurs and future projects will greatly expand the Velas ecosystem.

Why Should Occam be Preferred?

Occam is a community-driven and cross-chain DAO-managed incubator that uses its resources to build and develop DeFi ecosystems. The fact that Occam was developed with the knowledge that millions of users, thousands of protocols, and hundreds of blockchains really need a reliable and effective DeFi infrastructure makes it the missing piece in the brilliant vision of this blockchain branch.

Changes that May Occur in Velas

First of all, Occam will support the growth of companies that are being built on Velas or are going through a grant program and plan to base their activities on this blockchain. In particular, this cooperation will help Velas to improve the incubation procedures. 

Occam DAO can assist Velas in a wide variety of areas, including secondary market launches, network sharing, public relations, tokenomics, marketing, and community building. Finally, Occam will introduce DAO Ambassadors and the community to Velas users.

Final Say

The communities and functions of Velas and Occam DAO offer many new advantages to teams working on blockchain projects, as well as creating more ambitious opportunities for their development. Also, experts in this field predict that the Velas community will soon be able to take full advantage of this cooperation.

About Occam

Occam is a well-known DAO incubator developed with a series of DeFi products. The company’s main focus is cross-chain DeFi, with a particular focus on Cardano and Milkomeda.

About Velas

Velas processes up to 75,000 transactions per second with instant certainty, incredibly cheap fees, and Solidity support. In addition to being the fastest EVM blockchain in the world, it is an open-source platform for decentralized projects and applications.



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