MEXC is Establishing a $20 Million Ecosystem Fund

MEXC has decided to set up a $20 million ecosystem fund to help with the adoption of the Sei Network.

What is Sei Network?

The first Layer 1 blockchain is Sei Network. It is designed for trading between the public Layer 1 public chain and the private Layer 1 public chain. It also offers a custom application environment for Dex.

Sei has made a number of improvements to Layer 1 in order to give exchanges an unfair advantage, as it was created from scratch to scale according to the demands of decentralized exchanges. Examples of these improvements are:

  • Native order matching engine 
  • Frontrunning protection
  • Intelligent block propagation
  • Sub-second settlement

New categories of financial products, ranging from complex options and futures trading to live sports betting, become viable with the combination of these improvements. With the above-mentioned improvements, Sei will address the issue of frontrunning transactions, allowing users to save unnecessary losses.

MEXC Trading Platform

It is a cryptocurrency trading platform with more than 7 million users and was founded in April 2018. It is currently ranked in the top 10 internationally and in the top 3 in Asia. More than 1,500 different types of cryptocurrencies can currently be bought and sold as spots in the company.

About MEXC Global

It is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that offers trading options for futures, margin, and spot transactions. Founded in 2018, the exchange also offers quantitative trading, leveraged ETFs and index ETFs.

About Sei

Sei is the first Layer 1 blockchain that is industry-specific and focused on trading, giving exchanges an unfair advantage.


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