CDS Collaboration Metamask and Paypal Collobration

Metamask and Paypal Collobration

Collaboration from Metamask and Paypal
Collaboration from Metamask and Paypal

Paypal, the digital payment platform, has signed a collaboration with ConsenSys, Metamask‘s sister company

About Collaboration

According to the announcement that web3 wallet made on its social media account recently, cooperation has taken place between Paypal, a digital payment platform, and ConsenSys, Metamask’s sister company. As part of this cooperation, Meta mask will be able to offer its users the service of purchasing and transferring Ethereum through PayPal. 

Stating that the USA is the best market for users, web3 wallet stated that this service will only be offered to US users, to begin with. In line with these developments, US users will be able to start using this service in the coming weeks. 

Lorenzo Santos, product manager of Metamask, made the following statement on the subject: “This integration with PayPal will allow our US users to not just buy crypto seamlessly through MetaMask, but also to easily explore the Web3 ecosystem.”

How to use PayPal in MetaMask?

To add crypto to your MetaMask wallet with PayPal

  1. Login into the Mobile MetaMask App. 
  2. Click or tap on the Buy button, then select ‘PayPal’ 
  3. Enter the desired dollar amount worth of ETH to add to your wallet; you will be redirected to PayPal to log in
  4. Buy your crypto via PayPal, or if you have enough ETH to complete the transaction, send it without buying more. 
  5. Done! You have successfully bought crypto directly in MetaMask and can now explore Web3 easily on the go.  

About ConsenSys

ConsenSys is a leading Ethereum and decentralized protocols software company. It enables developers, businesses and people worldwide to create next-generation applications, launch modern financial infrastructure and access the decentralized web.

About Paypal

PayPal has been at the forefront of the digital pay revolution for more than 20 years. The PayPal platform leverages technology to make financial services and commerce more convenient, affordable and secure, empowering 429 million consumer and merchant accounts in more than 200 markets to participate in the global economy and be successful in it.


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