CDS Collaboration Immutable and MetaStudio Announce Collaboration for New Metaverse Games

Immutable and MetaStudio Announce Collaboration for New Metaverse Games

Transforming the game metaverse is the goal of a new partnership between Immutable and MetaStudio.

Immutable and MetaStudio Announce Collaboration for New Metaverse Games

In order to alter the gaming metaverse, MetaStudio has announced a new collaboration with Immutable, a top supplier of Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions.

Immutable and MetaStudio Announce Collaboration for New Metaverse Games

MetaStudio can offer gamers a dynamic gaming experience and special advantages like zero gas fees for peer-to-peer trading and secure ownership of in-game assets by connecting with Immutable’s Layer 2 blockchain infrastructure.

Immutable is an ideal partner for us. Their Ethereum Layer 2 solution enables us to offer our players genuine ownership of their in-game assets and the ability to profit from their gameplay. And their upcoming passport feature allows us to keep developing with web2 players in mind. This partnership will help us to develop games that are not only entertaining but also rewarding. 

Carlos Domingues, CEO Of MetaStudio

What Will Collaboration Provide?

This collaboration takes place at a time when awareness of the metaverse is quickly rising. The metaverse offers considerable prospects for cutting-edge gaming experiences as a collective virtual shared area formed by the fusion of virtually improved physical reality and digitally produced reality. This development is anticipated to be greatly aided by the collaboration between Immutable and MetaStudio.

Players that are enthusiastic about the new possibilities made possible by this alliance can mint their Rune Realms NFT and take part in the development of gaming with MetaStudio. Additionally, by doing this, participants are qualified for a 10% revenue share, the collaboration offering them a special chance to profit from a sector that is now estimated to be worth close to $200 billion.

Rune Realms Staking Explainer Video

About Immutable

Immutable, an Australian digital firm, employs blockchain technology to enhance the gaming sector. Immutable X, its Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, offers a zero-gas layer for Ethereum that ensures safe exchange and ownership of digital assets.

About MetaStudio

MetaStudio is a renowned game studio that creates captivating mobile games and offers games-as-a-service, which has its headquarters in Braga, Portugal. To increase player engagement and community growth, MetaStudio combines cutting-edge game ideas with blockchain technology and distinct NFT offers.

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