Get Set Play Partnership with Meta Warriors

Get Set Play has included Metawarriors, which we know as a 3D zombie game, on its blockchain-based publishing platform. Metawarriors broadcasters will now also be able to stream via Get Set Play. Thanks to the earn watch method, which is included in the GSP system, broadcasters will be able to earn income thanks to their fan base. GSP also says that it will offer broadcasters a fair watch-win model. We can say that Get Set values its in-house publishers thanks to the protocol it uses to protect publishers from swearing, harassment and attacks. Let’s also note that these publishers will have full access to the Get Set ecosystem.

Get Set Play Partnership Meta Warriors
Get Set Play Partnership Meta Warriors

About Get Set Play

Get Set Play is a broadcasting platform where you can watch and broadcast e-sports competitions, similar to the broadcasting platforms known today, such as Twitch and Youtube. However, what distinguishes Get Set Play from these platforms is that it has blockchain technology and a decentralized structure. The Get Set Play platform also has its own token.

About Meta Warriors

Meta Warriors is a blockchain-based 3D zombie P2E Shoot to Earn game in their own words. Meta Warriors has a game theme that deals with the struggle of people for survival after a deadly virus that has destroyed millions of people has taken over the world. Meta Warriors has 2 game modes called Story Mode and Quest Mode. In Story Mode, players start the game in an abandoned city. Story Mode is a single-player game mode in which you will fight zombies to save the survivors and at the same time try to find the cause of the virus.


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