Businesses Will Use Tres to Transact with Crypto on Fuse Have Simpler Financials

Tres is a platform that makes accounting and asset management for companies dealing with cryptocurrency assets and transactions effortless. Now, businesses and projects building upon Fuse can use its services.

About Partnership

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have come a long way since their introduction 14 years ago. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), cryptocurrency exchanges, investment funds, and numerous other companies are increasingly holding sizeable portions of their assets and processing some, if not all, of their payment transactions on-chain as proof of this.

Meanwhile, recent dramatic events in the cryptocurrency industry have illustrated more clearly than ever before how vital sound financial management is to the development and credibility of the sector.

For the majority of firms, handling and keeping track of funds on-chain is still far from easy. However, The Fuse team has been focusing on developing channels for companies to integrate web3 payments and decentralized finance (DeFi) into their workflows. So, it seems to sense that they would want to interface with a Tres-like blockchain financial data source.

How Fuse Integrate Tres?

The Fuse Foundation has begun using the platform for internal accounting and asset management after deploying its technology stack to the Fuse Network blockchain. Additionally, they encourage companies and project teams using Fuse to think about contacting Tres and investigating their offerings.

Customers utilizing Tres on Fuse will be entitled to a 20% subscription fee discount for the first year of using Tres, as well as cost-free transactions on the Fuse Network if those are carried out through the platform, in accordance with the rules of the partnership.


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