CDS Collaboration Ankr and Tencent Cloud Partnership

Ankr and Tencent Cloud Partnership

Ankr, a prominent Web3 developer hub, partners with Tencent Cloud to introduce 'Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC,' a high-performance Web3-native RPC service, revolutionizing blockchain infrastructure access for developers, organizations, and enterprises.

Ankr and Tencent Cloud Partnership

Ankr and Tencent Cloud Partnership , a prominent hub for Web3 development, has unveiled an impactful strategic alliance with Tencent Cloud, aimed at introducing a groundbreaking product set to transform developers’ access to blockchain infrastructure. This partnership heralds the arrival of ‘Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC,’ a Web3-native Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service meticulously crafted to provide high-performance access to blockchain nodes for organizations and enterprises.

Ankr and Tencent Cloud Partnership

This pioneering offering is now readily available through Tencent Cloud’s online marketplace and is poised to meet the surging demand for reliable and scalable Web3 infrastructure. The Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC service, a collaborative effort between Ankr and Tencent Cloud, symbolizes the convergence of these two technological powerhouses’ shared mission: to furnish robust Web3 infrastructure and developer services for the thriving Web3 community.

Stanley Wu, Co-Founder and CTO of Ankr, underlined the significance of this partnership, emphasizing, “Our partnership initiation with Tencent Cloud marks a monumental milestone for Ankr and underscores the progress achieved by the decentralized internet in seamlessly integrating with the essential infrastructure of the broader web ecosystem. This paves the way for an era of accelerated development in blockchain applications, whether driven by emerging Web3 ventures or established enterprises, and sets the stage for continued collaboration and innovation.”

In the midst of Web3’s rapid expansion, this partnership solidifies its role in the digital landscape. The RPC service provides quick access to key blockchains like Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon PoS through an intuitive portal, enabling developers to efficiently work across multiple blockchains, opening up new opportunities for Web3 app development.

Ankr and Tencent Cloud Partnership
Ankr and Tencent Cloud Partnership 1

This collaboration combines Ankr’s cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure with Tencent Cloud’s exceptional cloud computing and network capabilities, resulting in a high-performance RPC service that can handle high concurrency, supporting up to 1,800 requests per second per chain. Ankr’s expertise in node management and infrastructure stability enhances the service’s reliability.

Poshu Yeung, Senior VP of Tencent Cloud International, expressed excitement, saying, “With Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC, our first Web3-native product, we’re eager to demonstrate our commitment to the global Web3 community alongside partners like Ankr. We’re ready to empower developers, foster decentralized app growth, and adapt to market needs, enhancing Web3-related features and services.”

Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC offers multiple versions, including a free public version for blockchain interaction, a premium Pay-as-you-Go version with increased throughput and rate limits, and an enterprise-exclusive version for diverse global use cases. Future plans include adding support for more blockchains and advanced API services to both public and premium versions.

Ankr, a versatile Web3 developer hub, offers a suite of tools to connect Web3 apps to over 30 blockchains. Ankr’s infrastructure processes trillions of transactions annually and serves as a primary infrastructure provider for Polygon, BNB Smart Chain, and Fantom chains in 2023. Their product lineup includes dApp development tools, AppChain services, staking solutions, and globally distributed node infrastructure, simplifying Web3 development and crypto participation.

The collaboration between Ankr and Tencent Cloud marks a significant milestone in Web3 infrastructure, showcasing their commitment to empower developers and enterprises in the Web3 era. With Tencent Cloud Blockchain RPC and the expertise of these tech giants, Web3 development is poised for unprecedented growth and innovation. This partnership sets the stage for transformative advancements in blockchain and decentralized technologies.

Ankr and Tencent Cloud Partnership

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