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A Comprehensive Guide To SelfKey Crypto (KEY) – 2023

This article contains a comprehensive review of SelfKey Crypto.

A Comprehensive Guide To SelfKey Crypto (KEY) – 2023

SelfKey Crypto represents a transformative platform designed to empower individuals by granting them full control over the secure storage of their comprehensive identity information and important documents, all within the confines of their personal devices. At the heart of this innovative ecosystem lies the KEY coin, the platform’s native cryptocurrency, which has garnered substantial attention due to its promising outlook and favorable reviews within the crypto community.

A Comprehensive Guide To SelfKey Crypto (KEY) – 2023

SelfKey Crypto stands as a driving force in the creation of a blockchain-based, decentralized Self-Sovereign Identification System (SSID), where the sovereignty of identity information remains firmly in the hands of its rightful owner. This bold undertaking seeks to redefine the way identity management operates, introducing a secure and trustless system where users can exert complete authority over their personal data.

The core technology developed by SelfKey enables individuals to securely store their entire spectrum of identity data and documents on their personal devices. This approach not only ensures the convenience of inputting this data only once but also establishes an immutable record of it on the blockchain, adding an extra layer of security and permanence to personal information.

One of the most exciting aspects of SelfKey Crypto’s vision is the concept of universal digital identities, which will enable users to access an extensive array of services and products using their unified digital persona. This transformative application of SelfKey technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries by providing a seamless, secure, and globally recognized digital identity solution.

A Comprehensive Guide To SelfKey Crypto (KEY) – 2023
A Comprehensive Guide To SelfKey Crypto (KEY) – 2023 1

SelfKey is a brainchild of KYC Chain, a well-established Hong Kong-based solution provider that has been specializing in the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) field since 2013. Leveraging their extensive experience, KYC Chain serves a diverse clientele, including major global banks, immigration authorities, and legal firms. This background adds a layer of credibility and expertise to SelfKey, underlining the project’s foundation and its ability to navigate the intricacies of identity verification and data security on a global scale.

KYC Chain

The team at KYC Chain developed SelfKey to address the limitations of existing identity systems.

Inefficient KYC Processes: Despite becoming a mandatory requirement for various industry segments, KYC procedures continue to be time-consuming and costly. The need to repeatedly submit, process, and store physical documents introduces inefficiencies in the KYC process. Additionally, there are security risks associated with sending identity documents to meet KYC requirements.

Security Risk: Centralized databases currently used for identity systems represent a single point of failure, making them more vulnerable to large-scale data breaches. Consider recent data breaches at Equifax and Facebook. Centralized identity systems are a liability and a contributing factor to many instances of identity theft.

Data Protection Regulations: While regulations have been developed to protect data from the aforementioned security risks, these regulations vary from one jurisdiction to another. This has created inefficiencies and higher costs, particularly for small businesses. Moreover, it hinders users from having full control over their own identity data.

Limited Access: Centralized data storage operators typically have restricted access to identity data in most cases to prevent identity theft and data breaches. However, this poses a problem for identity owners who face excessive limitations in accessing their own identity data due to access restrictions imposed by data collectors.

A Comprehensive Guide To SelfKey Crypto (KEY) – 2023
A Comprehensive Guide To SelfKey Crypto (KEY) – 2023 2

SelfKey Crypto Wallet

Since June 2018, the SelfKey Crypto wallet, available in beta, has served as a secure haven where users can meticulously store and manage their identity documents and attributes. Furthermore, it allows users to oversee their cryptocurrency portfolios, currently supporting ERC-20 tokens.

Presently, the wallet is accessible for Windows and OSX users. It promises to securely house all user identity documents and data on the user’s own device, ensuring privacy and full control over their information. The wallet also provides the option for notarization or simple verification of documents through accredited certificate providers.

KEY Coin Advantages

One of SelfKey’s most pronounced strengths lies in its universal digital identity solution, which enables users to efficiently and seamlessly fulfill KYC requirements across a spectrum of service providers. Importantly, it ensures that users maintain complete control over their data.

This initiative didn’t emerge from the efforts of a small developer group but rather originated from an established company. SelfKey leverages the expertise, experience, and infrastructure of KYC Chain, which has a strong footing in the KYC industry, to support its development process.

The platform has meticulously curated a comprehensive list of partners who will be integrated into the SelfKey ecosystem and market. This demonstrates that the project is gaining traction and poised for a robust launch as it nears the end of its beta testing phase.

A Comprehensive Guide To SelfKey Crypto (KEY) – 2023

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