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A Comprehensive Guide To Newton Crypto (NEW) – 2023

This article contains a comprehensive review of Newton Crypto.

A Comprehensive Guide To Newton Crypto (NEW) – 2023

The Newton Project aims to create a brand-new community-based economy by establishing infrastructure for a society-driven economic model. It seeks to design a novel community-based economic framework that benefits everyone contributing to the corporate economy through governance, collaboration, and incentives. The Newton Crypton team, distributed across the globe, comprises diverse experts from various countries, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and other industry specialists.

A Comprehensive Guide To Newton Crypto (NEW) – 2023

Newton crypto encompasses a comprehensive technological architecture, including fundamental Blockchain technologies such as New Chain, distributed storage service New Net, and New IOT. Above the foundational technology layer, Newton Crypto boasts a Hyper Exchange Protocol platform designed to support real-value DApps (Decentralized Applications), incorporating digital identity and credit, supply chain, digital marketing, transactions, and payments, reliable physical channels, and self-financing mechanisms. The initial manifestation of this concept is evident in Newton’s inaugural service, known as New Mall.

A Comprehensive Guide To Newton Crypto (NEW) – 2023
A Comprehensive Guide To Newton Crypto (NEW) – 2023 1

The first operational application on the Newton crypto platform, New Mall, operates as an online shopping platform that merges Blockchain technology with e-commerce.

Furthermore, the Project claims to have established the world’s first intelligent community system, encompassing both humans and machines. In comparison to traditional business models, this system presents distinct advantages in terms of organizational structure, collaboration, incentive mechanisms, data ownership, and transaction costs.

Within the infrastructure of the community economy-based Newton crypto platform, the following services are integrated: Application Layer, Protocol Layer, and Fundamental Technology Layer.

Newton Coin

Newton Coin boasts a comprehensive technological architecture that supports existing DApps such as NewPay and NewMall. This technological foundation encompasses all the elements necessary for developers within the Newton Ecosystem to continuously enhance DApps:

Fundamental Technology Layer: “NewChain” is the core blockchain

Distributed storage services New Net and New IOT

Protocol Layer

Application Layer: DApp Layer

An exemplary achievement in DApp development within the Newton Project is showcased by New Mall, a system that amalgamates blockchain technology with e-commerce. Thanks to technology, it eliminates the need for significant commercial intermediaries, enabling consumers and other participants to reap the benefits of consumption and reshape the landscape of commerce.

The success of the Newton crypto Project in creating a symbiotic ecosystem for DApps is evident through the harmonious integration of its technology layers. By supporting DApp development through a robust architecture, Newton empowers innovators to usher in a new era of decentralized applications and transformative economic models.


NewChain is poised to enhance the scalability, performance, and privacy controls of blockchain technology while supporting flexible data structures, refining processing mechanisms, and bolstering access authorization control.

NewChain offers third-party developers the option and opportunity to create a new sub-chain by staking a specific amount of Newton tokens and passing verification. Communication between the main chain and sub-chains occurs through the Value Transmission Protocol (VTP), enabling seamless interaction.

The protocol delineates two types of transactions: VTPBlockTx and VTPDataTx. VTPBlockTx defines the format of the latest block information transmitted from a sub-chain to the main chain. The main chain verifies the legitimacy of the information provided by the sub-chain and indexes the real-time operational status of the sub-chain. On the other hand, VTPDataTx outlines the data transmission format and the method for querying smart contracts between sub-chains.

NewChain’s innovative features and capabilities signify a significant step forward in addressing blockchain’s challenges and limitations, empowering a more adaptable and efficient ecosystem for developers and users alike.

Atom Hashing

Atom Hashing employs machine vision and deep learning technologies to swiftly extract a multitude of characteristics from non-digital assets, encompassing attributes such as weight, volume, dimensions, shape, texture, optical traits, radioactive properties, thermodynamic features, and various customized random attributes. Subsequently, based on these distinctive data and algorithms, a unique identity and authentic rights can be established for the digital asset.

A Comprehensive Guide To Newton Crypto (NEW) – 2023

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