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A Comprehensive Guide to Akropolis Crypto – 2023

This article contains a detailed review of the Akropolis crypto.

A Comprehensive Guide to Akropolis Crypto - 2023

Akropolis is software that enables programmers to release decentralized applications that offer user-owned and user-operated financial services based on cryptocurrencies.

A Comprehensive Guide to Akropolis Crypto – 2023

Akropolis aims to provide a platform for a variety of decentralized financial (DeFi) tools, all of which run on the same akropolisOS operating system. The framework, for instance, can be used to allow protocols for savings, lending, and investing services.

However, Akropolis dApps are created using code and are governed by independent communities rather than being managed and accessible by a single company. This means that users must possess and stake the native cryptocurrency of Akropolis, AKRO, in order to vote on protocol modifications. Anyone can earn AKRO by supplying liquidity to the protocols and dApps developed on the AkropolisOS platform.

Working Principles of the Akropolis Crypto

By leveraging a collection of DeFi dApps that they can help manage, Akropolis wants to enable its users to both introduce new DeFi protocols and increase the value of the crypto assets they already own. This is so that each protocol or dApp created on AkropolisOS functions as an Autonomous Finance Organization (AFO) that is intended to function independently of any outside parties.

AFOs are constructed on a distributed network. An AFO is a member-owned financial organization that operates similarly to a corporation without using a formal hierarchy of administration.


The Akropolis team manages the AkropolisOS software development kit (SDK) to aid programmers in developing dApps on the platform. Several tools for managing other DeFi protocol integrations, such as Compound and Maker, are also included with AkropolisOS.

Sparta and Delphi

The Akropolis team created the dApps Sparta and Delphi utilizing the AkropolisOS framework. Users of Sparta are able to donate liquidity to the protocol in exchange for a percentage of interest and take out loans with only 50% of the required collateral.

Contrarily, Delphi gives users the opportunity to take part in a variety of yield farming options within the DeFi sector that have been hand-picked by the platform. Additionally, Delphi is available for individuals who want to dollar cost average into Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Founders of Akropolis Crypto

In 2017, Ana Andrianova launched Akropoli, and Kate Kurbanova later joined as a co-founder. Andrianova co-founded and was managing director of Apiro Capital, an investment management company powered by data and technology, before launching Akropolis and acting as its CEO.

In January 2018, Kurbanova joined Akropolis as an advisor. In June 2018, she was hired as a full-time employee and given the title of co-founder in appreciation for her contributions to the project. Kurbanova formerly served as Cindicator’s head of analytics, where she created research tools and techniques and co-wrote the company’s CND token concept and white paper before joining Akropolis.


A governance token, AKRO, gives its owners the ability to generate funds and take part in choices that have an impact on Akropolis. The administration of the DeFi product suite built on Akropolis is linked to this protocol-level governance. AKRO stakeholder returns come from both higher AKRO emissions and protocol income.

Any AKRO owner has the right to cast a vote on amendments to the guidelines that network users must abide by. Transaction fees and freshly created AKRO are given to validator nodes in exchange for validating data in blocks, taking part in consensus, and voting on network modifications.

There will never be more than 30 validator nodes operating simultaneously on the network. Users must stake a minimum of one million AKRO to qualify as a validator. Users who do not have access to this sum can pool tokens, which will result in a proportionate share of the payout.

In addition, Akropolis crypto is trading at $0.01168 at the time of this writing, according to CoinMarketCap. The token price has increased by 18.84% in the last 24 hours.

A Comprehensive Guide to Akropolis Crypto - 2023
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