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Archive 3 Columns

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Carbon Browser and REI Network Join Forces for Blockchain Privacy Revolution

The dynamic duo of blockchain privacy, Carbon Browser and REI Network, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the accessibility and privacy...

CoinEx has Developed BitHK, a New Crypto Trading Platform for Hong Kongers

CoinEx has developed BitHK. Thus, Hong Kongers will be able to use a new crypto trading platform.

Bankrupt Crypto Firm Voyager Makes Significant Transfers Amidst Final Payouts

In a dramatic twist to the Voyager saga, the bankrupt crypto company transferred a whopping 1,500 ETH and 250 billion SHIB tokens to...

ApeCoin Community Accelerator Announced to Launch on Forj

ApeCoin community accelerator started its activity.

Binance Adds ACH/TRY & XVS/TRY Trading Pairs

The following information was taken from www.binancе.com Fellow Binancians, Binancе will open trading for the ACH/TRY and XVS/TRY trading pairs at 2023-04-19 08:00 (UTC). Binance...

ARPA Network Will Introduce Randcast – Decentralized, Verifiable, Multichain Randomness

ARPA Network will launch Randcast. Arpa Network, a leading provider of decentralized technologies, has announced the launch of Randcast, a novel Random Number...

Ethereum’s Shanghai Is Nearing, So When is It Possible to Withdraw Staked ETH?

The Shanghai hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain (aka Chapera) will launch on April 12th, but if you stake ETH on any staking...

A First in Avalanche History! Reached 1 Million Monthly Active Users For The First Time!

For the first time in Avalanche history, the platform has crossed the threshold of 1 million monthly active users.