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Wreck League Allowlist

Wreck League Allowlist

Winning the Allowlist from the Wreck League Project

Wreck League Allowlist

Join Wreck League Allowlist with simple steps ;

-> We will obtain an allowlist from the Wreck League NFT project, which will be launched in collaboration with animocabrands and yugalabs, supported by ApeCoin.

1 – Click on this link ( and connect your wallet. Verify your identity.

-> Allowlist holders are treated as VIP guests for NFT launches. If the project’s NFT collection is being minted, this group will be the first to benefit in a more advantageous manner. The project’s supporters are quite influential.

Wreck League Allowlist
Wreck League Allowlist 1

-> Not yet listed, I will announce if there’s any new development.

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