CDS Airdrop & Listing Some Airdrops in January
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Some Airdrops in January

Some Airdrops in January

I Talked About To Some Airdrops in January

Some Airdrops in January

With all its ups and downs, we’ve reached the end of another year. We’ve worked hard in 2023, and we’ll continue to do so in 2024 and we are waiting Some Airdrops in January. I wish a prosperous new year to everyone and extend my New Year’s greetings.

I’d like to talk about Some Airdrops in January we’re expecting in the first month of the new year. The results for the incentivized applications for content creators expected to be announced by Starknet ($STRK) on December 29, 2023, have not been disclosed and have been postponed to a later date. In January, I anticipate both the opening of the airdrop claim page and the announcement of the results for incentivized applications for content creators, along with the listing of $STRK on exchanges.

Jupiter, a major exchange on the Solana network, will list $JUP token in January. The airdrop claim page will also be activated in January. $JUP token is currently trading around an average of 50 cents over-the-counter. For airdrop verification:

Some Airdrops in January
Some Airdrops in January 1

Dymension, a promising project within the Celestia ($TIA) ecosystem, will distribute $DYM tokens as an airdrop. The project had announced the capture of screenshots for the airdrop on December 19. In January, I expect Dymension to transition to the mainnet and conduct the token airdrop. I believe participants, especially $TIA stakers within the Atom ecosystem, will receive a share from the airdrop.

Some Airdrops in January
Some Airdrops in January 2

Another project called $DOKI within the Atom ecosystem will airdrop tokens for those staking their tokens. Screenshots for the airdrop have been captured. The minimum staking amounts and the block numbers when the screenshots were taken have been revealed. Details:

Some Airdrops in January
Some Airdrops in January 3

The token of the Supra project, $SUPRA, is expected to be listed on January 9. We’ve been conducting transactions for a long time in anticipation of the project’s airdrop possibility.

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