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OKX to Delist Privacy Tokens as of 2024

OKX to delist privacy tokens, according to the announcement.

OKX to Delist Privacy Tokens as of 2024

Crypto News – Early in 2024, the global cryptocurrency exchange OKX plans to delist a number of coins, including Monero (XMR).

OKX to Delist Privacy Tokens as of 2024

On December 29, OKX formally declared that it would delist certain trading pairs involving popular privacy tokens like Zcash (ZEC) and Monero, as well as partially private coins like Horizen (ZEN) and Dash (DASH). The notice states that on January 5, 2024, the OKX exchange will eliminate a total of 11 trading pairs using those tokens.

In order to maintain a robust spot trading environment, we constantly monitor the performance of all listed trading pairs and review their listing qualifications on a regular basis,


The company also stated that the OKX token delisting or concealment policies and customer input were taken into consideration while making this decision.

OKX Made a Statement About Delist

Furthermore, on December 27, OKX stopped accepting deposits for a number of coins connected to privacy, including XMR, DASH, ZEC, and ZEN. Beginning on March 5, 2024, OKX will likewise stop accepting withdrawals of XMR, DASH, ZEC, and ZEN.

We will continue to monitor all listed trading pairs and implement the delisting/hiding mechanism as necessary,

OKX to Delist Privacy Tokens as of 2024
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