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Chainflip Testnet

Chainflip Testnet

We are joining Chainflip Testnet with this article

Chainflip Testnet

Join Chainflip Testnet with simple steps ;

-> The project, which has received approximately $20 million in investment, may reward testnet users.

1 – Then switch to the Goerli network from Metamask and go to the following website to get test tokens:

-> 0x1194C91d47Fc1b65bE18db38380B5344682b67db

Paste this contract in place of the token you want to get and make a small swap for Goerli ETH

2 – After obtaining the test tokens, click on the following link:

-> Enter the amount in the top section as shown in the visual, and then confirm the staking process.

Chainflip Testnet
Chainflip Testnet 1

3 – You can withdraw the tokens you staked by visiting this link

-> Since there aren’t many functions on the platform at the moment, let’s repeat these steps a few times. If different sections open up over time, we can test those too.

4 – Galxe, Guild ve Zealy tasks are also available.

-> Zealy allows you to receive Discord roles as you level up. This is also required for Guild and Galxe tasks

Chainflip Testnet
Chainflip Testnet 2

-> To find more airdrop news and articles please click here

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