JetLearn Launches Web3 Hackathon for School-Age Children

JetLearn, which provides academic trainings for children to adapt to today’s technology and improve themselves, has announced the launch of a Web 3.0 Hackathon for school-age children. Dec November 18-20, the event will be held in partnership with Unstoppable Domains and SchoolHacks. The event, which will last for a total of 3 days, will be the world’s largest Web 3.0 Hackathon. Web 3.0 continues to develop rapidly with the introduction of blockchain technology into our lives. Web 3.0, which includes concepts such as NFT, Metaverse and Blockchain, has attracted the attention of many large companies today. The increase in staff recruitment in the Web3 area can be cited as an example of how interested companies are in Web 3.0.

Web 3.0 will play an important role in our lives in the coming years. That is why it is very important that the children who represent our future are more aware of Web 3.0 and develop themselves in this regard. In this event, launched by JetLearn, children will be able to participate in trainings and seminars with speakers from major technology companies such as Meta, Disney, Microsoft, Amazon and Google.  A prize pool of $ 40,000 was also allocated for children who will get acquainted with the concepts of Web 3.0, NFTs and the Metaverse. In competitions held throughout the event, children can receive many different prizes. At the end of the event, each participant will receive a blockchain-enabled certificate.

JetLearn Web3 Hackathon
JetLearn Web3 Hackathon

About JetLearn

JetLearn is a Web 3.0 academy platform founded by Abhishek Bahl, Jatin Luthra and Pooja Mehta with the aim of teaching new-age technologies to primary and secondary school-age children. The platform currently provides online trainings on new age technologies such as AI, Robotics and Web 3.0 to students in more than 40 countries. JetLearn, which offers personal trainings to children by establishing 1:1 classes in its educational curriculum, is also supported by many technology giants and top universities.


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