What is CryptoGPT? What is the Crypto GPT Price?

The ZK Layer-2 blockchain technology that allows you to monetize your AI data is called CryptoGPT. This makes it possible to monetize every aspect of your life. On the other hand, crypto GPT price is the most curious topic of recent times. In this article, we will explain a lot of information about CryptoGPT, including what it is.

What is CryptoGPT? What is the Crypto GPT Price?

Understanding the rising value of data, which is essential for advancing artificial intelligence, CryptoGPT seeks to provide users with the chance to contribute their anonymous data and earn cryptocurrency via zero-knowledge cryptography.

What Makes the Platform Different from Others?

The layer-2 blockchain for artificial intelligence development is CryptoGPT. There are many unique factors that distinguish this technology from others. These factors are as follows:

  • Without Limits: Scalable and low-cost transactions, backed by empowering infrastructure such as data capsules, AI tools, and pluggable earn launcher, combine to bring a whole new dimension to the traditional economy with AI.
  • Scalable Layer-2: As a layer-2 platform, it is powered by zkRollup technology. In this direction, the platform has exceptional EVM compatibility. This makes the protocol open to enormous codebase libraries so that users and developers can practically access things.
  • Really Distributed: It was meticulously crafted to be a network that cannot be influenced by a centralized. Security and the mining model are compatible with the activity. #ProofOfActivity makes sure that network security grows alongside adoption.

These three factors make the platform unique from other platforms.

What are the Platform’s Components?

The platform has five different components, all of which are very good. You can find detailed information about these components in the following.


This blockchain/AI combination offers developers a dependable software development kit. It includes compostable code blocks that can plug into any software without affecting any functionalities. This design simultaneously provides significant value for app developers and users who choose to get cryptocurrency in exchange for their AI data.


Anybody with access to the internet can use the launcher to collect data from any CryptoGPT ecosystem app. Thus, it allows them to convert their regular app usage into cryptocurrency. Users may be more motivated to use these apps if they can earn cryptocurrency for regular smartphone activities, which will lead to the apps achieving higher levels of brand engagement.

Referral Program

GPT can be earned in a variety of ways. You can earn tokens not just by using the company’s apps but also by introducing friends to CryptoGPT. You have the opportunity to quickly accumulate a large amount of GPT with the platform’s Referral Program and the reward-farming.


Consumers would normally utilize CryptoGPT Core, a group of apps, on a daily basis. This feature of the platform appeals to makers of consumer apps and AI firms. The founders anticipate at least 10 million active users.


The AI-to-Earn function is a key component of this innovative startup’s marketing plan. That is the primary method by which the platform will provide users to its app-development clients. You can access CryptoGPT‘s extensive and deep app marketplace by choosing to participate in AI-to-Earn. By sharing your AI data using CryptoGPT‘s blockchain protocol, you can get paid in cryptocurrency through this initiative.


The first multi-value gas token of its kind is the GPT token. Below is a distribution of the token supply:

  • 25% — Data mining incentives
  • 20% — Liquidity, staking, MM
  • 20% — Public sale
  • 16% — Team
  • 10% — Development reserve
  • 6% — Partners and advisors
  • 3% — Marketing

With a maximum supply of 3,000,000,000,000, the crypto GPT price is $0.0439 at the time of writing.


You can review the platform’s roadmap in the image above.





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