Solana Improves Network Upgrades to Improve Stability

Solana Labs will improve its software update process in order to ensure network reliability and uptime, co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko said on Tuesday.

Solana Improves Network Upgrades to Improve Stability

Solana Improves Network Upgrades to Improve Stability

Yakovenko informed that last week’s 1.14 network update had raised concerns about maintaining stability during major updates.

He specifically appointed: “Delivering a fast, reliable and scalable network in order to move toward a better, decentralized web remains a top priority. The issues around last week’s 1.14 network update – which focused on improvements for speed and scale – made it clear how maintaining stability during these major updates remains a challenge.”

Prior to the release of 1.14, core engineers worked to fix issues affecting network speed and usability, such as incorrect gas metering, lack of flow control for transactions and lack of fee markets, among other more technical problems. These issues have been prioritized to improve user experience.

Solana Improves Network Upgrades to Improve Stability

But after the latest release, core engineers plan to bring in additional external developers and auditors to test and find exploits. They will also form an adversarial team that will comprise almost a third of Solana Labs’ core technical team.

The core engineers will continue to support external core engineers including the Firedancer Jump Crypto team building the second validator client.

In addition, core engineers plan to improve the restart process by making nodes automatically discover the latest confirmed slot and share the ledger with each other if it is missing. Solana Labs and third-party core engineering teams have been working on improving the network over the past year, focusing on stability.

Yakovenko also said: “For example, Jump Crypto’s Firedancer team is building a second validator client to increase the network’s throughput, efficiency, and resiliency. Mango DAO developers are focused on the tooling needed to build on Solana.”

The comments come after an extended shutdown of the Solana blockchain over the weekend. Problems that started with sluggish transaction processing grew into an almost complete halt to work on Solana. The reason for the complete network shutdown over the weekend is still unclear, the developers said on Monday, but investigations are ongoing.


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