Polygon Launches Zero-Knowledge, Privacy-Enhanced Identification Product

On Wednesday Polygon annunced that it launched a new Polygon ID product based on Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology that will enable users to verify their identities or credentials without revealing sensitive information.

Polygon Launches Zero-Knowledge, Privacy-Enhanced Identification Product

Polygon Launches Zero-Knowledge, Privacy-Enhanced Identification Product

Polygon specializes in scaling systems for the Ethereum blockchain, including the popular Polygon PoS sidechain.

”The new Polygon ID toolset can be used by developers to unlock features such as an enhanced signup user interface, assist in regulatory compliance, help verify user identities and restrict access control to certain areas or features via token-gating.” – Polygon developers.

Zero-knowledge technology is a type of cryptography that is set to be one of the most popular trends in the digital asset industry this year as it eliminates the need for individuals to regularly share personal information across different websites or online applications.

“Providing identity in a way that the average consumer can use is the holy grail of digital ID adoption. No other identity solution has been able to provide the scalability needed for mainstream adoption leveraging ZK technology until now.” – Polygon co-founder David Schwartz

Polygon Launches Zero-Knowledge, Privacy-Enhanced Identification Product

Under Рolygon ID’s design, a person or entity known as the “identity holder” has “claims” stored in a wallet, according to a tutorial on the project posted on GitHub. “Verifiable credentials” are cryptographically signed and issued to the identity holders by an issuer who is a “trusted and reputable party.” Then a verifier checks the proof presented by a holder.

“The simplest example of a Verifier is a Bar that wants to verify if you are over 18. In the real world, the Identity Holder would need to provide an ID and show all their personal information. With Рolygon ID they only need to pass a proof,” according to the tutorial.

Proofs can be created both off-chain and on-chain using smart contracts. In addition, there is a Рolygon ID wallet app and wallet software development kit or SDK, according to the Рolygon website.



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