The Pack-Opening Event Involving Su Zhu is Prevented by Illuvium DAO

After preventing a planned nonfungible token (NFT) pack-opening event between Illuvium CEO Kieran Warwick and Three Arrows Capital (3AC) founder Su Zhu, the community behind Illuvium, an interoperable blockchain game, has shown the strength of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

The Pack-Opening Event Involving Su Zhu is Prevented by Illuvium DAO

At an Influencer Illuvitars D1sk Battle, where well-known crypto personalities compete against one another to open NFT packets, Warwick was slated to face Zhu. The Illuvium community expressed worries about the possible consequences of being affiliated with Zhu, who is currently accused of engaging in several unethical behaviors, due to the controversy surrounding Zhu and 3AC.

The CEO of Illuvium then suggested that its decentralized council vote on the issue. The council then unanimously decided to call off the event in order to prevent any connection to Zhu. Deraji, a council member for Illuvium, claims that the project strives to be a pioneer in decentralized government and Web3 gaming. It must “avoid potential affiliation with unethical individuals and occurrences that may hamper mainstream adoption” in order to do this.

“In this case, the community made their collective voices heard that this event risked the reputation that the DAO has worked so hard to build. We leveraged our governance model to avoid having our most well-known figure share a stage with Zhu.” – Deraji

About Illuvium DAO’s Decision

The DAO may have avoided potential ramifications by choosing not to take a chance on affiliation with 3AC. On February 10, a 3AC-related cryptocurrency exchange initiative sparked criticism from the crypto community. The debut infuriated a lot of people, and several of them vowed never to use the exchange again.

Community members have also consistently expressed their displeasure with Zhu for his involvement in the bankruptcy of 3AC. The creator of 3AC began leveling charges against the Digital Currency Group on January 3. However, community members called out to Zhu and urged him to concentrate on his own wrongdoings.


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