MetaMask’s Mobile V6 is Launched

A popular Web3 wallet application MetaMask has released a new version of Mobile V6 that gives users control over their operations and ensures their privacy.

MetaMask's Mobile V6 is Launched

MetaMask’s Mobile V6 is Launched

According to the March 14 announcement, the developers intend the new features to address previous user privacy challenges. It will also improve download times, account connectivity, fund management and digital identity protection.

The new version allows users to easily switch between browser and wallet. This improves connectivity to decentralized applications (dApps) as users have sufficient control over accounts. In addition, the new MetaMask mobile version allows users to use “advanced configuration” when setting up the mobile app.

New Features

The advanced configuration option allows users to improve their privacy by disabling incoming transactions, token detection mode and phishing detection. The functions mentioned send data to third-party providers such as jsDeliver and Etherscan.

MetaMask's Mobile V6 is Launched

It is worth noting that the previous mobile version was strictly designed to be connected to one account and gave the user the option to either connect all accounts or none. A new update allows users to disconnect their account from the web3 app via a separate tab. It allows users to choose one account for storing assets and another for decentralized financial activities. Additionally, a user can connect a specific account to a dApp without exposing other accounts under their control.

Focus on Privacy

The company indicated that the main challenge of focusing on user privacy remained at the center of its activities, and that the new feature supports that effort. MetaMask launches a new version after receiving heavy criticism from the crypto community when it announced a policy to collect users’ IP addresses.

In response, ConcenSys, Infra’s parent company, said the RPC node collects IP addresses, though it wasn’t a new idea. ConsenSys also announced on December 6 of its intention to store IP addresses collected by Infra for up to a week from the date of mining.


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