Helium will Fully Migrate to Solana Blockchain on March 27, 2023

The upgrade will envelop all wallets, Hotspots, and Helium Network state, and will take place over a 24-hour transition period commencing at approximately 15:00 UTC.

Helium will Fully Migrate to Solana Blockchain on March 27, 2023

Helium will Fully Migrate to Solana Blockchain on March 27, 2023

Helium’s developers announced that the network will entirely shift to the Solana blockchain by March 27. The migration follows a community vote that took place in September. Vote saw some 81% of Helium community members voting in favor of migration, CoinDesk reports.

Helium will Fully Migrate to Solana Blockchain on March 27, 2023

The New Version

A new version of the Нelium Wallet App will be made available when the migration will be totally completed. In addition, the Нelium layer 1 blockchain history will remain public. Users will get access to the new version of application by simply updating their current wallet app.

HNT holders will also be able to use other wallets within the Solana ecosystem, such as Phantom or Solflare. The migration will see HNT, MOBILE and IOT issued on the Solana network, which will continue to be the tokens in the Helium ecosystem.

The final stage of the Upgrade is planned for March 27, around 15:00 UTC. During this 24-hour transition period, all users will be transported to the Solana blockchain. Now developers will initiate a chain halt using a chain variable. Validators will stop producing blocks, and chain followers like routers, blockchain nodes, and will no longer sync blocks and transactions after the halting block. The network and account state will be completely frozen at this time.

Once the core developers validate that block production has halted, a final snapshot of the Helium blockchain will be taken. Afterwards, the chain state will be migrated to the Solana blockchain, including all accounts/tokens; Hotspots will be minted as non-fungible tokens.

Although all the stages of Helium’s migration are planned, the upgrade may be delayed if any critical bugs are found leading to the migration event. In the past 24 hours Helium’s HNT tokens were up 5% due to traders’ favorable reaction to the migration proposal.



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