COTI Announces a Successful Hard Fork

Blockchain technology Coti has announced MultiDAG 2.0, a successful hard fork event aimed at transforming the ecosystem from a single currency infrastructure to a multi-token network.

Description of the COTI Team

MultiDAG 2.0 aims to accelerate the widespread use of cryptocurrency payments for businesses that have not yet adopted cryptocurrency payment solutions. Therefore, the launch represents an important step for the cryptocurrency sector and COTI. The team stated that they are excited about making the transition from a single currency infrastructure to a multi-token network and are very happy to be supported as they move along this important path.

Launch of MultiDAG 2.0

The MultiDAG 2.0 protocol uses the CMD standard to enable token issuance on the COTI Trustchain, a concept similar to the ERC20 token on Ethereum. However, in this protocol, the export process takes place on a single DAG.

The new release is expected to strengthen Coti‘s ability to support businesses by enabling them to set up their own Private Payment Network (PPN), which includes the issuance of CMD-branded pay tokens, loyalty tokens, and other tokens.

According to Coti, these new tokens will manage the important requirements of enterprises with the same high scalability, security and efficiency as Trustchain. On the other hand, users of the new Bridge 2.0 wallet software released with the protocol will be able to request a refund if the exchange could not take place due to technical problems or is still being processed.


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