Circle’s EUROC Stablecoin is Available on Coinbase

Coinbase now offers the EUROC stablecoin, which is backed by the Euro. Euro Coins are totally backed by the Euro and are minted by Circle.

Circle’s EUROC Stablecoin is Available on Coinbase

In earlier Feb, the EUROC was added to the exchange’s listing schedule. Also, according to Coinbase, the asset complies with all of its “legal, compliance, and technical security” criteria.

The stablecoin first showed up on the exchange listing roadmap earlier this month, and now the listing actually happened. Significantly, Circle has introduced a stablecoin whose value is 1:1 tied to the Euro.

The road map also made note of the fact that these benchmarks don’t take the initiative’s commercial value or level of popularity into account. The exchange’s objective is to guarantee that all assets are valued fairly and exclusively in accordance with the technical standards established by the market.


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