1inch Foundation – Leading High Capital Efficient DeFi Protocols

1inch Foundation is a non-profit organization that dedicated to fostering the 1inch Network and initiatives that benefit the network’s community.

1inch Foundation - Leading High Capital Efficient DeFi Protocols

1inch Foundation – Leading High Capital Efficient DeFi Protocols

Apart from of issuing the 1INСH token, the company recently presented its new Hardware Wallet and Delegation Incentive Program.


The main goal of the 1inсh Foundation is to foster growth and expansion of the 1inсh Network and incentivize contributions through grants and other capital deployment vehicles.
The 1inсh Foundation is focused on the following areas:


Engaging adopters and maximizing the network’s decentralization through growing stakeowner numbers and their participation in DAO governance. The platform is also aiming to enable teams and individuals to strengthen 1inсh Network through education, events, and social outlets.


1inсh is Incentivizing individual developers and teams to build on the 1inсh Network’s protocols and contribute to protocol evolution.

Farming programs

In addition, the company is running yield farming programs that have proven to be efficient bootstrapping tools for potential blue chips of the DeFi space. At the same time this kind of programs is offering users lucrative pool rewards.

Network development

1inсh Foundation is interested in integrations that increase the usage of 1inch Network products and development of technologies that have potential to be beneficial to the 1inсh Network.


Research and analytics projects who provide key insight to 1inсh Network’s growth, competition, and product/market fit

The Company’s Recent Activity

1inch Foundation - Leading High Capital Efficient DeFi Protocols

Hardware Wallet

On January 19 1inсh Network introduced the 1inсh Hardware Wallet which will help to expand the company’s ecosystem of products and projects.
Users are able to take advantage of transparent transaction signing, as opposed to blind signing offered by some other devices. The hardware waller offers the safest approach to storing users’ private keys in an offline, simple and open-source way.

Delegation Incentive Program

On January 24 10 mln 1INСH tokens have been allocated to incentivize stakers’ delegation of Unicorn Power to resolvers. The 1inch Foundation has allocated 10 mln 1INCH tokens to the Delegation Incentive Program, which aims to incentivize the delegation of 1INCH stakers’ Unicorn Power to resolvers.



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