What is CLST Markets? What is CLST Markets useful for? What are the advantages of CLST Markets for corporate companies? CLST Markets team, CLST Markets investments and investors and CLST Markets about all the details we need to know, let’s analyze together.

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What is CLST Markets?

Swiss-Based Fintech company CLST Markets, was established in 2021 as an exclusively institutional lending and borrowing platform for stablecoins and crypto assets. CLST continues to move towards becoming a global network of lenders and borrowers, becoming an institutional gateway for secured and unsecured lending operations.

What is CLST Markets useful for?

The unsecured transaction in the crypto sector has taken an important place in institutional crypto asset loans by solving the problem of over-collateralization. Borrowers were constantly forced to issue loans in an amount that exceeded the value of loans in order to reduce the risk of fluctuations in the market.
CLST Markets, aims to bring solutions to the problems that hinder borrowing and lending operations in the crypto asset industry. By minimizing the risk in credit transactions, it will enable institutions to unleash the full potential of a short-term debt market, the foundation of which is becoming stronger as the distance between TradFi and Deci narrows. CLST Markets, by providing its tested electronic promissory notes to the customer experience, it minimizes the risk in credit transactions by providing lenders with a legal basis that can be executed in case of credit default.
What are the advantages of CLST Markets for corporate companies?
CLST Markets, it connects corporate lenders and borrowers to new money, diversifying capital efficiency and arbitrage opportunities. It provides liquidity flow for treasury who want to borrow digital assets on flexible terms among new key money market participants. It automates bilateral price negotiations and reconciliation with detailed reporting and pay systems. It provides the ability to issue single or multilateral RFQs (Requests for proposals). It offers the possibility of using a fixed-term contract for interest rate quotes. It creates notification accounts with transparent terms to have flexibility in loan periods. In order to reduce counterparty risk, it issues E-Notes that can be integrated seamlessly. By interacting with verified accounts, it creates a personalized network. The participants establish a connection with their wallets via API or Web3.

Michael Guzik, founder and CEO of CLST, “Currently, the institutional short-term debt market for stablecoins and crypto assets remains inadequate due to the lack of a large-scale lending and borrowing infrastructure that reduces counterparty and DeFi protocol risks. From market makers to treasuries, foundations to family funds and hedge funds, we are increasing the vision of connecting every corporate company through a single contact center.” said.

CLST Markets Team

CLST Markets team founding CEO Michael Guzik, co-founder and CPO Hugh Macmillen, product manager Robert Radek, business development manager Alex von Mühlenen, board member Hasan Al-Lawati, marketing manager Bara Caldova, APAC general manager Nicholas Chalk, chief product designer Jan Binczyk, project manager Amit Walia are taking part in the organization.

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CLST Markets Investments and Investors

CLST has announced that they have successfully concluded an initial round of extreme interest for an undisclosed sum of multi-million dollars. The round was led by Spartan Group, with participation from Coinbase Ventures, Kraken Ventures, Menai Financial Group, Luno Expeditions and TX Ventures.
Spartan Group Director Leeor Groen said that “While the current market environment reveals its points of failure, it is clear that the crypto industry needs a better way to manage liquidity and counterparty risk as it continues to mature” “We are pleased to support the CLST team that has launched the leading platform to facilitate both corporate borrowing and lending, as well as treasury management solutions for digital asset market participants.”
Michael Guzik, Founder and CEO of CLST, said the following:
“CLST sits at the crossroads of the crypto asset short-term debt market and the traditional financial market. Together with our investors and partners around the world, we are creating a market for stablecoins, digital assets, fiat money and more – ‘new money’.”
“CLST has demonstrated strong initial traction and is well positioned to create value in the crypto market. Therefore, we strongly believe that the CLST team will succeed in becoming a game changer in the corporate crypto lending ecosystem.”
“With the new financing, CLST will strengthen its peer-to-peer infrastructure through increased operational and market expansion, ultimately creating a lending facility that has hitherto not been possible among institutional entities.”

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To learn more about CLST, you can visit clst.com



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