Upland and The Meta Universe

Today, the Meta universe is a permanent online 3D world concept that combines multiple virtual worlds. You can think of the meta-universe as the future state of the digital world, that is, the Internet. The meta universe will allow users to work, meet, play games and socialize in these 3D worlds. In addition, it prepares the environment for the real-life trade market to do with the possibilities in the Meta universe.

Currently, the Metaverse world has not fully come to life, but some platforms, especially gaming platforms, contain meta-universe-like elements. The closest experience to the meta universe is currently offered by video games. The developers have expanded the boundaries of the game concept by hosting in-game events and creating virtual economies.


Upland is the largest virtual property strategy game paired with the real world.

It is a brand new game world where the way to win is to build your empire in a meta universe mapped to the real world, earn real world value and have fun with virtual real estate.

In Upland, you have easy access to own digital land, build estates and shops, manufacture cars and earn UPX tokens (which you can cash out) while playing.


When you join Upland, you can own a piece of the virtual world by purchasing your first virtual property that is identical to the real-world addresses you already know. You can even buy the property at your childhood home address. This is where the fun of creating value and making money on your first property starts by owning, building on and selling it.

Earn Money

You can participate in a new, virtual economy, where you have the opportunity to earn money on the meta-database. You can earn a return on your properties and collect fees from visitors. Flip some of your properties for profit in your free and open maerket place or earn income as a business owner in Upland.

Create Your City

Work with like-minded Uplanders to develop neighborhoods and build houses for you and your friends. Choose from a variety of models and build the house of your dreams. You can add an original look to your dream or existing city.


Socialize with Uplanders, learn gaming strategies and collaborate with today’s most exclusive online gaming community via Discord and Telegram.


To take action on blockchain sustainability, Upland recently partnered with the EOS Authority and ClimateCare to offset one-year carbon emissions for the entire EOS Mainnet.


About Upland

Uplandme Inc is a globally distributed enterprise. It is headquartered in Silicon Valley, where it was founded in 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Dirk Lueth, Mani Honigstein, and Idan Zuckerman. The R&D center is located in Ukraine and there are other team members in Europe and the USA.

Upland debuted in early 2018 in the midnight Monopoly game between co-founders Mani, Idan, and Dirk.

This was a time when digital collectibles through immutable tokens based on blockchain technology were starting to make a huge splash in the news. The combination of Monopoly and the rise of digital collectibles prompted the three founders to ask themselves:

What if we could “tokenize” the real world with the same technology that powers these collections?

What if every property in the world could be a collectible, gratuitous asset whose ownership could be verified by blockchain?

After these questions, Upland appeared. From that moment on, the three co-founders worked to plan, refine and develop their vision for Upland. A metaverse where people can not only play, but also socialize and eventually earn money. In other words, a real digital economy that blends the real world with the virtual world.


Check out the Roadmap for a broad overview of what will be in the metadata repository.



The lead investor in Uplandme, Inc is FinLab EOS VC Fund, a joint venture between FinLab AG and EOSIO blockchain developer Block.one, two global experts in blockchain technology. Additional investors include individuals from the financial services, real estate, gaming and blockchain industries.

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