CDS Etkinlikler GM Istanbul 2023: Pioneering Web3 Growth and Marketing Insights

GM Istanbul 2023: Pioneering Web3 Growth and Marketing Insights

GM Istanbul 2023 event started today!

Unveiling the Future: A Web3 Growth and Marketing Spectacle in GM Istanbul

Welcome to GM Istanbul 2023, where the pulse of Web3 innovation beats strongest. As we embark on this journey, envision a convergence of brilliant minds, industry pioneers, and innovators, all set to illuminate the future of decentralized technologies.

In this dynamic landscape, our distinguished speakers will delve into key topics, each contributing a unique perspective that promises to redefine the boundaries of Web3.

GM Istanbul 2023: Pioneering Web3 Growth and Marketing Insights

  • From EVM to BTC: Revolutionising Cross-Chain Decentralised Trading

Speaker: Jordan, Co-founder of UXUY

Jordan will delve into the transformative journey “From EVM to BTC,” shedding light on the evolution of cross-chain decentralized trading and its impact on decentralized finance.

  • Reinventing Marketing for Web3

Speaker: Kara Miley, SVP of Public Relations of Serotonin

Kara Miley will unveil strategies for “Reinventing Marketing for Web3,” providing a fresh perspective on navigating the decentralized marketing landscape.

  • Achieving Effective User Growth with Appropriate Web3 Infrastructure

Speakers: Cookie3, Chainbase, Adot, KEKKAI, MoveSpace

A panel featuring Cookie3, Chainbase, Adot, KEKKAI, and MoveSpace will explore strategies for effective user growth through the lens of Web3 infrastructure.

  • Growing Web3 Together

Speaker: Joonatan Lintala, CEO/Co-founder of Phaver

Joonatan Lintala will discuss the collaborative ethos of “Growing Web3 Together,” emphasizing the importance of community-driven innovation.

  • Next-gen Web3 Gaming is Revolutionizing Play & Earn – If You’re Not First, You’re Last

Speaker: Jonathan Lopez, Head of BD at MixMarvel

Jonathan Lopez explores the dynamic landscape of next-gen Web3 gaming, highlighting the revolutionary changes in Play & Earn dynamics.

  • Growth Strategy of Layer2 Ecosystem

Speakers: Polygon, Scroll, Mantle, Altlayer

A panel featuring Polygon, Scroll, Mantle and Altlayer will dissect the growth strategies propelling the Layer2 ecosystem forward.

  • Dive into Web3 Growth and Marketing

Speaker: Max, Partnerships Lead of GM Labs

Max invites you to “Dive into Web3 Growth and Marketing,” offering insights into the latest trends, challenges, and strategies in the digital landscape.

  • CoinTR: Beyond an Exchange to Onboard Millions to Crypto

Speaker: Eray GÜNDOĞAN, Deputy General Manager of CoinTR

Eray GÜNDOĞAN unfolds the transformative potential of CoinTR, going “Beyond an Exchange to Onboard Millions to Crypto.”

  • Refuse to Overhype, Achieve Positive Returns – How Can Web3 Games Cover the Last Mile

Speakers: MixMarvel, Navigators CO, Rangers Protocol, Gabby World

In a dynamic panel, representatives discuss strategies for Web3 games to cover the last mile, ensuring sustainable success.

  • Web3 Market in Turkey: Trends and Market Potential

Speakers: Dats Project,, Moseik, Chainlink Labs, freerlabs

Explore the unique trends and market potential of the Web3 landscape in Turkey with insights from Dats Project,, Moseik, Chainlink Labs, and freerlabs.

GM Istanbul 2023 is more than an event; it’s a convergence of ideas that will shape the future. Join us in this transformative experience as we navigate the possibilities, redefine boundaries, and set the stage for a new era of decentralization and blockchain evolution.

GM Istanbul 2023: Pioneering Web3 Growth and Marketing Insights
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