What is Kurtosis?

Kurtosis The next generation development platform for decentralized systems. Its mission is to make developing a distributed system as easy as creating a single-server application.

Currently, Kurtosis is being used by teams building some of the largest and most complex distributed systems in production today: decentralized blockchains that support the web3 ecosystem.

Kurtosis is an established platform for organizing distributed system environments that allows easy creation and modification of stage-appropriate distributions at the initial stages of the development cycle (prototyping, testing).

Use cases for Kurtosis include:

  • To enable individual developers to create prototypes in personal development environments without the hassle of setting up and configuring environments.
  • Enable development teams to run automated end-to-end tests for distributed systems, including fault tolerance testing, load testing, performance testing, etc., on servers and networks.
  • To enable developers to easily debug distributed systems that fail during development.

Ethereum Foundation DEVOPS Parithosh Jayanthi: Ethereum Merge adds a huge amount of complexity with roughly 20 possible client combinations. Kurtosis offers us the ability to rotate local test networks, allowing us to quickly check compatibility as well as new features.

We also use Kurtosis as an integration testing tool by running it in CI to check if any client combination works with another. The ability to identify and approve tests makes it an ideal candidate to ensure that regressions do not occur.

Ava Laboratories Software Engineer Aaron Buchwald : Kurtosis allowed me to automate Avalanche’s manual E2E testing. At that time, create a network, and it was all my changes are correct, and both basic and complex workflows manually to test to be sure that will not cause unexpected problems and to ensure cost a lot of time.

By moving this to the Kurtosis test suites, I was able to automate all of these tasks, thus saving myself countless engineering hours, and ultimately have a much higher level of confidence that my modifications have been thoroughly tested and maintained to the same high standard.

NEAR Foundation Software Engineer Ben Kurrek : Kurtosis is a groundbreaking technology that has revolutionized the way I do local development. It helped a lot that all the tools I might need were packed tightly in an easy-to-use dockworker container. I’m very pleased with the way things are going and I can’t wait to see how the car develops.

Why Kurtosis?


Docker and Kubernetes container management and container editing systems, such as each, are high-level in serving developers in different parts of the development cycle (development for Docker, production for Kubernetes).

These and other distributed system deployment tools are low-level, stage-specific tools that require teams of DevOps engineers to manage.

Kurtosis is designed to optimize environmental management and control throughout the development cycle. It works at a higher level of abstraction than existing tools, giving developers the ability to manipulate environments and them as needed at each stage.

With Kurtosis, developers can create with native sandbox environments that show how their code will work when integrated with the rest of the system.

In addition, advanced end-to-end testing workflows are available for teams using Kurtosis engine runtime manipulation tools, which allow them to perform end-to-end tests such as fault tolerance, regression, and performance tests.

Which Ambitious Projects Use Kurtosis?

  • Avalanche
  • Solana
  • NEAR
  • Chainlink

It is mainly supported by major projects such as Avalanche and Near.

Kurtosis And Avax
Kurtosis And Avax

Which Investors Support Kurtosis?

  • SignalFire
  • Coaute
  • AlchemyVentures
  • Coinbase Ventures
  • Crosstimbers
  • Hustle Fund
  • Palumni.vc
  • Mantıs

Kurtosis gives confidence both in terms of the path it follows and in terms of the groups of investors it supports. As we know, investors such as Avalanche, NEAR, Coinbase Ventures are supporting Kurtosis.

Such large and ambitious projects are very remarkable in terms of quality and infrastructure and support forward-looking sustainable projects. In this case, Kurtosis shows that it is a project suitable for this category.

Kurtosis Founding Team

Kurtosis Team
Kurtosis Team




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