Ready Player Me! Our New Metaversal Faces :D

Innovative, necessary, but inevidible start-up. Ready player me allows you to create your own avatar to use in any metaverse platform you want. You can go to their website and create avatar instantly. They now got $56m funding from a16z. Yes, it is good 😀

To reach and have this much funding, of course they has been proven themself in some ways. Ready Player Me is now handling 5million avatars with 3000+ partners. As we know, nowadays metaverse is just crawling. It will walk, run, and take over the real world lol :d But aside the jokes, across-metaverse platforms and services are now so important. Because one metaverse may not satisfy us. If I am using 3 different metaverses, I should be the same person in three of them. Maybe I should be transferring items in the similar metaverses too. So when these days will come up we will use this kind of platforms, maybe without knowing that we use them.

Ready Player Me
Image-1: Ready Player Me Website –

We’re trying to push the world towards that metaverse.” Timmu Toke said in an interview. They want to be the bosphorus of the metaverses. 

They have $56 million to spend. What will that be used for? They will continue hiring, expand the platform etc. I am expecting them to fulfill this bridge vision of them whit other bridges. Like other across-metaverse platforms to use other things in different virtual environments.

They have launched Ready Player Me in 2020. Their aim is solid to me; becoming the default avatar system for the builders, creators and residents of the metaverse. And as I see, their steps are pretty firm too. 


There were 4 people working on the avatar system for 9 years. That gives confidence for sure. And they are now hiring and growing their team. Founding team as follows;

Timmu Tõke (CEO)

Rainer Selvet (CTO)

Kaspar Tiri (CCO)

Haver Järveoja (COO)

You can click the names and see their LinkedIn accounts. 


They are backed by some strong brands. No surprise they raised $56m :d 

And these are the people who are supporting the project;

David Baszucki – CEO and Co-Founder of Roblox 

Riccardo Zacconi – Co-Founder of King

Sebastian Knutsson – Co-Founder of King

Justin Kan – Co-Founder of Twitch and Fractal

Tom Preston-Werner – Co-Founder of Github

Stefano Corazza – Co-Founder of Mixamo

gmoney – crypto investor

Punk6529 – crypto investor

Erick Calderon (Snowfro) CEO and Founder of Art Blocks


I have to say that this this project is something that will improve itself. Now, it is just developing avatars but in the future the technology they are developing can be usefull for the metaverses in many areas. I say: “We need that stuff.”

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