METAV.RS Raises €3M in Seed Round

A start-up project METAV.RS , announced the funding of €3 million in seed financing to accelerate platform development, grow its team and grow in the global market. 

About the Seed Round

METAV.RS ’s seed round was led by Jsquare, a Singapore-based Web3 fund, global French advisory firm Sia Partners and investment fund 50 Partners. In addition, among those who participated in the seed tour; Ledger co-founder David Bailand, The Sandbox co-founder and CEO Sebastian Bourget, serial entrepreneur Michael Amar, Partu CEO Thibault Renoff, BCG general manager and partner Joel Hazan, CEO Sebastian Lalevy .

The resulting capital will be used for the expansion of the METAV.RS team, IT training, platform development and global expansion. This initiative currently has more than 20 employees and plans to double the workforce of the current number by the end of 2023.

What is METAV.RS?

METAV.RS, is a code-free content management platform that provides luxury brands and retailers with solutions for managing Web3 assets, branded e-commerce sites, and virtual worlds. It was founded at the beginning of 2022 by Imon and Clément Foucher, Jérémie Salvucci and Adrien De Lavenere-Lussan, who have experience in entrepreneurship, 3D engineering, software development.

METAV.RS can integrate directly with a brand’s regular e-commerce site, interoperate across large metadatabases and social networks, and is compatible with major e-commerce platforms and secure payment systems. “We aim to be the Shopify of the Metaverse, ” says Co-Founder Clément Foucher in this regard. “We have a similar business model with our plug-and-play solutions, from virtual locker rooms to digital twins.” . 

The project team has developed a 3D configuration application that allows easy scanning of physical objects. This 3D builder includes a Web3 manager that can scale NFT production and make these NFTs compatible with Decentraland and The Sandbox, can be used in augmented reality and social media filters.

With METAV.RS, retailers can create a “metashop” to sell NFTs directly on e-commerce sites with APIs. They can also use the platform to create their smart contracts and add benefits to their NFTs. There are also metaverse applications that brands can use to create virtual dressing rooms and “mini universes”. In addition, there is a 3D reconstruction application within the platform that scans physical objects and transforms the scanned objects into 3D models that can be used to create digital twins. These can then optionally interoperate on various metastore platforms. Or, again, optionally, it can be integrated into product sites to make the metadata store more accessible to brands and increase revenue.

Co-Founder Foucher said that they are currently targeting large luxury retailers with assets for cross-metaverse integration, and that his team is currently creating a global program specifically for one customer.

METAV.RS is also attending various events in the coming months, including the Web Summit in Lisbon, GITEX in Dubai, CES in Las Vegas and NRF in New York, and in some cases building NFT collections. For The Metaverse Summit, The Startup has created a MetaJacket NFT that can be integrated into both Decentraland and The Sandbox.


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