Gallium Studios Raises $6 Million For Memory Game Proxi

Image 1 :Gallium Studios Website
Image 1 :Gallium Studios Website

Video game developer Gallium Studios has raised $6 million from Griffin Gaming Partners, one of the world’s largest venture funds specializing in gaming. Gallium Studios is an independent game studio founded by legendary video game designers Will Wright (The Sims, Sim City, Spore) and Lauren Elliott (Where in the world is Carmen Sindiego). 

Gallium Studios develops simulation games using Web3 and AI technologies. Among his first projects are VoxVerse, which Wright helped design for Gala Games, and Proxi, a memory simulation game.  Both projects are projects that use blockchain technology in some way. The investment will provide Gallium Studio with the resources and partnerships to grow its team and create a better immersive experience for simulation games. 

Griffin Gaming Partners Managing Director Peter Levin ’It is a privilege to work with such a level of gaming expertise and creative genius,’ he said in a statement. ‘We’re excited to be working with Lauren and Will on their new vision for experiences that explore an actor’s self-perception and subconscious,’ he said.

Gallium Studios CEO Elliot “It’s a great time to be designing and publishing the next generation of simulation games, and we’re delighted to be partnering with Griffin to make this happen,” he said in a statement. We are at a point where the key features of advanced artificial intelligence and blockchain technology can come together to support Will’s vision of keeping gamers at the center of the development process.  Whether it’s talking to the latest artificial intelligence or owning everything you create, game design should always put players first.”

Gallium Games, a leading blockchain technology company, to strengthen player ownership in their games and economies he partnered with. Gallium’s partnership with Forte will make its access to blockchain and Web3 technologies such as embeddable token wallets and non-exchangeable token (NFT) markets seamless. The company’s growing team consists of people who have provided experience in the field of entertainment such as Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment, WB Games, Pixar, Second Life. 

About Proxi

Proxi is the main product of Gallium Studios. For this project, Wright partnered with neuroscientists to explore the memory model and how the data would represent memories… Although he doesn’t have much interest in NFTs, he believes that blockchain can solve problems related to user-generated content.

Wright said ; ‘Proxi is our main big project. As you find a fun and entertaining way to remove memories from your life, it starts with memories… Then, the Proxy becomes an embodied speech agent, an artificial intelligence that represents your subconscious.’ And ‘We’ve been really wasting our time on the proxy, but now we’re actually filling in and digging in pretty quickly.’ said . 

The Proxy game will be released in stages, and the first one could possibly be a Memory Maker tool that will allow users to create their old memories.

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